Shari Spotter
Student at Frogsnorts
Matt, Jackie, Inez, Dody, Professor Stumblesnore, Digit
Voice actor

Shari Spotter is a British wizard in training. She and her world seem to be a spoof on the franchise Harry Potter. She becomes very close to Matt, which causes Jackie and Inez to get jealous. Matt remains Shari's friend.

She once asked if Jackie and Inez were his girlfriends. He blushes and embarrassedly replies that they are his friends but not his girlfriends.

The relationship Matt has with Jackie and Inez seems to be a spoof from the Veronia and Betty comic series. Betty the good girl that is a nerd is Archie's (a redhead that is also a detective in the show Archie's Weird Mysteries) girlfriend and is also rivals with Veronia, a rich, snobby, but very beautiful woman that also pursues Archie to be his "real true girlfriend." Inez plays a part as Betty and Jackie is Veronica while Matt is Archie.

When Shari comes into the mix she serves as Cheryl Blossom, making Inez and Jackie jealous. Shari can cast magic spells with her wand, and is educated in magic by Professor Stumblesnore, the headmaster of Frogsnorts, the school that she attends. Shari is also assisted by Dody, a cybird who speaks in rhyme that Digit has an interest in.

Physical appearance

Shari is an Afro-British girl. She has mahogany skin and she also has full lips, like Creech. Like Harry Potter, of whom she is a spoof, she wears big glasses, though they are purple, not black. Her dress is light teal with gold stars and moons on it, and her cape is green with a crescent moon pin. Her hair is dark blueish black with highlights which she ties back into a ponytail.

Character bio

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

A sorcery student from Frogsnorts. Friend of Matt, Jackie, Inez and Digit. Loves school and sports, especially flying around on dragons.



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