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The Skwak Pad[1][2] (pronounced /skwæk pæd/) is a portable computer invented by Dr. Marbles[3], first appearing in "Lost My Marbles". Motherboard describes them as "walkie-talkies and drawing boards rolled into one"[4].

The main four members of the CyberSquad use their Skwak Pads frequently throughout the series, as a radio[5] telecommunications device, an advanced graphing calculator and visual aid for problem-solving, a projector[6], an access point for the search engine Gwiggle[7][8], and a camera[9]. The Skwak Pad also has an I/O port on the bottom, which can be used to attach peripheral devices[10]. A virtual assistant named Skwaki is used in Season 12.

Physical appearance

The tablet design for the Skwak Pad as it appears in Quest 1: Mission Motherboard (2020)

The early design of the Skwak Pad from "The Poddleville Case"

The Skwak Pad is a turquoise, irregularly shaped electronic device, resembling that of a cybikos PDA, exactly one cyberfoot in length[3]. It has a coiled orange wire that protrudes from the top, an antenna at the top right, and a keypad below the screen. The purple-blue buttons directly below the screen have mathematical operations, and the yellow-green buttons have numbers and other symbols, very much like a calculator.

In more recent material, such as certain Season 12 and Season 13 episodes and the 2020 version of Quest 1: Mission Motherboard, the Skwak Pad is redesigned to resemble a smartphone or small tablet. It retains elements of the earlier design, such as its irregular shape.

"The Poddleville Case" (pilot)

In the original pilot, "The Poddleville Case", the Skwak Pad is light blue and has a simpler shape, a white antenna at the top left, a red keypad, and a speaker.


"Who's Who Document"

The Skwak Pad is an ingenious electronic device that’s part PDA, phone, calculator, camera and computer. It’s how the kids talk to each other from different parts of cyberspace.They use it to keep track of things too, especially when problems are complicated.





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