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Skwakopedia was a feature of the Skwak Pad in the original version of Cyberchase: The Quest. It is an encyclopedia of Cyberspace, with entries on relevant characters and locations.


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A cybersite in a giant fishbowl. Everything looks like food. For example, Hot Dog Valley and Pizza Canyon. Home of the Crab Castle and the Abyss Maze.

The Abyss

A mysterious area in Aquari-Yum.


One of Hacker's henchman. He's a short, round robot. Big on scheming, short on brains. Best friend to Delete. Loves donuts.

Crab Prince

Future leader of the Crab Kingdom. Got a terrible cyberglitch when he went into the Abyss. Had to be cured with the Grapes of Plath. Has studied the Abyss Maze, but doesn't dare enter himself. Friends with Icky the Cyberslug.

Crab Castle

Home to the leaders of the Crab Kingdom - Crab King, Crab Queen and their son the Crab Prince.


The spookiest cybersite in all of Cyberspace. Full of castles and monsters and things that go bump in the night! The Eerie Inn, the Spooky Castle, and the Haunted Hangout are all in Castleblanca.


One of Hacker's henchman. He's a tall, skinny robot. Not very bright but loves bunnies. Best friend to Buzz.

Ms. Fileshare

Head Cybrarian at the Cybrary. Friend to the CyberSquad and Motherboard. She knows a lot about everything. Ms. F is also a big ShredFest fan and knows lots of its secrets.


A kid penguin from Penguia. Wants to learn everything about sports. Back home he plays Penguin Hockey.


Famous performer and animal lover. Performs with her robot whale Spout at the Water Park in R-Fair City. Also in charge of the Logic Zoo in R-Fair City.


Mean little guy from Castleblanca. Sometimes won't let people go by him without answering a riddle.


A funny guy from R-Fair City. Doesn't like to bathe. Wears a garbage can as clothing. In charge of the Lost and Found stand.


She's a cab driver in R-Fair City. Really nice and helpful.


A manatee from Aquari-Yum. Manny has special powers and knows everything and what's going on with everyone. Likes to ask riddles. Falls asleep a lot. Snores loudly.


The kind and caring ruler of Cyberspace. She keeps the virtual universe running smoothly and makes sure everyone is taken care of.


The coolest cybersite in Cyberspace. Everyone who lives there totally loves skateboarding, inline skating, biking and more - any kind of sports on wheels! The Way Cool Arena is here.

R-Fair City

An amusement park cybersite. Calls itself the 'funnest' place in Cyberspace. Home to Logic Zoo, Lost & Found, and the Donut Museum.

Shari Spotter

A sorcery student from Frogsnorts. Friend of Matt, Jackie, Inez and Digit. Loves school and sports, especially flying around on dragons.


Cyberteen who lives in Radopolis. Friend of Jackie, Inez, Matt and Digit. Can fix or make anything. His dad, Coop, has been missing for a long time – something to do with Hacker.

Two-Headed Sam

A wheeler-dealer from Castleblanca. People say that 'two heads are better than one', but Sam's two heads often disagree about what to do.

Warren Plotnick

A wayward genie who can be a very big brat. His mom is the lunch lady. He actually likes to eat Cosmic Crumpets (he thinks they taste good!!) and hoards SkateBot Jet Packs.

Erica Ram

Very famous TV reporter for XUSB. Co-hosts 'CyberScoop' with Sam VanderRom. Loves to talk about who's who and what's what in Cyberspace.


The meanest, greenest cyborg in all of Cyberspace. Wants to get rid of Motherboard and be in charge of Cyberspace. Loves to cause chaos and do mean things.