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Sleight O'Hand is Dr. Marbles' nephew. He debuts in the episode, "The Guilty Party".


Sleight is a light yellow triangular prism with blue hair in a ponytail and a pink nose. He wears an orange shirt with a white collar, a red bow tie, and brown pants.

Sleight and his dog, Presto.


Sleight is an entertainer at party events with his dog, Presto. He is also known as the best pickpocket in Cyberspace.


Dr. Marbles

Sleight is Dr. Marbles' nephew. In "The Guilty Party", Sleight was convicted of stealing Hacker's recharger key and was jailed. In jail, he pled to the Cybersquad that, "I'm innocent! I never stole nothin' in my life! Now check with my Uncle Marbles, he'll vouch for me!"


Presto is Sleight's dog, and they were shown to be close.

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