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Summing Snelfus of all denominations

The Snelfu (pronounced snel-FOO[1], /snɛlˈfuw/) is the main currency of Cyberspace. It is shown in both coin[citation needed] and bill forms. Snelfus were formerly all lavender in color[citation needed].

The symbol for a Snelfu is a white stylized serif S on a black diamond.

The Snelfu is not universally used throughout Cyberspace. Certain sites have only accepted gold quarters[citation needed], golden eggs[citation needed], or donuts[2].


In "A Whale of a Tale", there are 4- and 25-Snelfu bills, green with purple stripes and a yellow circle in the center.

As of "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 1", each denomination of Snelfu is a different color.

Denomination Bill color
1 Lime green
5 Teal
10 Yellow
20 Lavender
100 Salmon

Prices in Snelfus

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This is a list of all known prices for goods and services in Snelfus.

Good or service Vendor Price (Snelfus)
Guide to Gollywood[3] 1
Catering[4] 2 (per person fed)
Film cartridge[4] 2
Sands of Time packet[5] 2
Small box[6] Parts R Us 5
Cotton candy[7] Hacker 7
Art direction[4] Hacker (in disguise) 10
Cables[4] 10
Welcome to Frogsnorts film crew work[4] Borgs 10 (per day)
Medium box[6] Parts R Us 10
Can of cryoxide[8] Mr. Cryoxide 15
Oversize box[6] Parts R Us 15
Taxi rental[9] Ernest 25
Lights and camera[4] 30
Helicopter[4] 30
Television commercial[10] Unknown 35
Taxi ride[11] Lucky 50
Taxi ride[9] Ernest 50
+25 per additional stop
Cheap Betaboard[9] Betty's Betaboards 52
Used Alphadeck[9] 70
Dingerville Franks Hacker 100
Admission to Otter World[12] Hacker 100 (per person)
Iota and Zetatron[9] 123
New Alphadeck[9] 175
Taxi ride[9] 175
New Betaboard[9] Betty's Betaboards 200
Kappatron[9] 250
Encryptor Chip (best and final offer)[13] U-Want U-Bid auctioneer 500
Welcome to Frogsnorts budget[4] Unknown; won by Shari Spotter 600
Excavation equipment[10] Unknown; sold to Hacker 700
Memory Integrator delivery[6] Parts R Us 2,135
Gold cauldron[9] 3,000
Recliner Rechargitron 27.0[14] 4,000
Computer viruses[10] Unknown; sold to Hacker 4,000
Power Forever Recharger Chair[10] 5,000
Hand-painted portrait of Hacker[9] 7,000
Surveillance devices[10] Unknown; sold to Hacker 10,000
Hacker's use of the Radopolis town reservoir[15] King Dudicus 3,000,000
Encryptor Chip disposal[9] Bernie's Black Hole 10,000,000



  • Digit buried 425 Snelfus in a piggy bank on the Northern Frontier back while he was working for Hacker, and forgot about them until the events of "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2". He was surprised that it was still there. Knowing Hacker, whether the money was legally obtained is questionable.
  • By the end of "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2", Buzz only has 15 Snelfus, and Delete only has 3.
  • Hacker describes the 5,000-Snelfu price of the Power Forever Recharger Chair as a "low, low price" for Recharger Chairs. Delete considers this amount to be "a lot of Snelfus", and Hacker concedes that "it is a little pricey".[10]