Solaria in Railway Hero

Solaria is a vacation-themed tourist attraction cybersite. The Sunisphere is its source of heat and light, keeping the site at a warm and sunny summer climate[1].

If the Sunisphere is dislodged, the summer scenery is replaced by winter-themed sights. Palm trees can become evergreens, pools can become hockey rinks, beach balls can become snowmen, and snowmobiles, shovels, and even polar bears and mammoths can appear. In this state, the cybersite also has cabins and ski lifts. There are even seals there. Given enough time, the snowy Solaria would freeze solid and crash.[1]

Hacker first attacked Solaria to take the Sunisphere[1], and again to use the Reconfiguration to convert the site into cybercode[2]. The CyberSquad stopped both plans.




  • Arachnipod Crossing
  • Grotto of Sunken Skulls: a place guarded by Troglobytes and the Sedimentary Sentry[2]
  • Lost Lagoon: features Lumafish


Name origin

Solaria is derived from solar ("of the sun")[1], and -ia, a suffix used to form country names.



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