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♪♪ [ Wind rushing ]

>> Oh! [ Grunts ] [Snap!] [Rattle!] [Bubble!] [Munch!] ♪♪ [Snap!] [ Wind rushing ] ♪♪ [ Ominous chord plays ]

>> ♪ Today's your birthday, today's the big day ♪ ♪ Today's your birthday, hip hip hooray! ♪

>> Can't believe today is my birthday.

>> And for your present, I'm going to update your software.

>> My software?

>> It won't take long, Mother B., and you'll be way more efficient.

>> What a nice surprise. [ Monitor beeps ] [ Monitor warbling ]

>> Yes! You're halfway there to an updatedyou. [ Grunts ] [ Device warbling ] Whew! That could've been a catastrophe.

>> I love that photo.

>> Me too. First time we celebrated your birthday.

>> I remember it well. [ Chuckles ] Can't believe how long we've been together.

>> A lifetime, Mother B. And speaking of time, it's time for your next surprise!

>> Another one?

>> Together: Happy Birthday!

>> Inez! Matt! Jackie! I didn't know you were coming.

>> Would we miss your party?

>> Party?Whatparty?

>> Just a small one -- you, me and the Earthlies. Almost updated. All we have to do is wait till -- Whoa! [ Gasps ] [ All gasp ]

>> Nooooo! [ Grunts ] [Clank!] [ Static ] [ Gasps ] Motherboard? Where'd you go? Motherboard?!

>> Almost in place.

>> That looks like some kind of fan, boss.

>> Yeah, a great big giant one!

>> You know why it looks like a giant fan? Because itisa giant fan!

>> Both: Ooh! [ Monitor warbling, beeping ]

>> Yes! Locked into place. And now... [ Monitor warbling, beeping ] [ Laughs evilly ] Yes. It is on! Yes, yes,yes! [Zip!] My latest plan is working! ♪ Motherboard and all of Control Central will be out of commission very, very soon ♪

>> We're really glad you're glad, boss. [Squeak!]

>> So cute! [ Sour notes play ]

>> Uh, do you need anything else from us, boss?

>> All is set and in motion. Nothing more to do here. Why don't you two good bots take the day off?

>> Both: Huh?

>> Did the boss just give us the day off?

>> Shh! Come on. [Pitter!]

>> ♪ The countdown has begun to my takeover of Cyberspace ♪ [ Laughs evilly ] [ Ominous music plays ]

>> This should be easy, right? No problem. Now, just got to un-couple the re-couple of the coupler and... done. [ Monitor warbling, crackling ] Aw, that didn't work either.

>> With Motherboard down, the portals won't work.

>> Aw, nothing's going to work! Who's going to watch over Cyberspace?

>> Guys, this is just temporary. She'll be back up and running in no time. Right, Didge?

>> I'm so sorry, Motherboard.

>> [ Squawks ] The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Listen everybody, the sky is falling! [Whap!]

>> Okay, the cord is reconnected, right?

>> Both: Yes.

>> Now hit enter. Please work, please work! [ Monitor warbling, crackling ]

>> [ Sighs ] Nothing.

>> I don't know what else to do. [ Monitor beeping ] [ Muffled squawking and clucking ] Chicken Little?

>> We can't understand you. [Zing!]

>> The sky is falling! [ Squawks ]

>> We've heard this all before.

>> I know, but this time, I really mean it. [ Dramatic chord strikes ] [ Squawks ] See? [ Monitor beeping ]

>> Digit! I've been trying to reach Motherboard. All kinds of stuff is falling in Tikiville, and it's causing a big problem. The animals are trying to eat it! [ Monitor beeping ]

>> Digit, help! It's a junk storm here! Look!

>> Whoa! Looks like Chicken Little might be right this time!

>> Help! Help!

>> Oh, no! Penguia, too!

>> Aw, this is not good! This is not good at all!

>> Stuff is falling on a lot of cybersites, but why, how?

>> Has anything like this happened before?

>> Never! Motherboard would know what to do, but right now she can't do anything, and it's my fault! [ Sobbing ]

>> Didge.

>> Digit, hey!

>> I got this, you guys.

>> I know we're in Cyberspace and just about anything can happen here, but what if we were back on Earth and stuff like this was falling from the sky?

>> That's the thing. It wouldn't happen on Earth. Junk just doesn't fall out of the sky.

>> [ Chuckles ] ♪ All is going exactly as planned ♪ [ Gasps ] Except for one thing, my "Take Over Cyberspace Gala" for tonight. How can I be the new leader of Cyberspace without anamazing party to honor the one and only me? I'm gonna need the best food... the best decorations... the best music... the best everything! Buzz, Delete, come here, immediately. [ Gasps ] I gave them the day off. Buzz, Delete? The Hacker here. Come in! [ Static ] ♪♪ Aha! " Cyberspace." [ Monitor warbles ] [ Gasps ] What's this? "D. Luxe, party planner to the stars." Who needs Buzz and Delete when there's D. Luxe?!

>> Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la Ha ha! Ha ha! Best day off ever. [Clunk!] Huh?

>> I'll take one of your jumbo doughnuts witheverything. Ooh! Why, thank you, Frank. [ Wind rushing ] [Chomp!]

>> Didge. You okay?

>> [ Sighs deeply ]

>> Digit, you have to come out from under there.

>> [ Cries, sniffles ]

>> You can't just stay hidden under a pillow forever.

>> Oh, yeah? Watch me.

>> Everyone makes mistakes. I've made more than I can count.

>> I'm just so sad about Motherboard. I did this to her -- me, Digit, her best friend. [ Cries ]

>> One time, it was my parents' anniversary and I wanted to make them their favorite chocolate-banana milkshake. I put all the ingredients into the blender, and then I turned the blender on.

>> So?

>> I forgot to put the top on. Everything flew out all over the kitchen, all over my parents, all overeverything! Some special milkshake. [ Laughs ]

>> But, Jax, I didn't just make a little mess. I made one of the biggest messes in all of Cyberspace. I lost Motherboard.

>> She's not gone forever, Didge. We'll bring her back.

>> I hope so.

>> When you make a mistake, you try to fix it. It might be hard and might take a lot of tries, but you have to keep trying. And, remember, we're here to help. If anyone can fix this and get Motherboard back, it's you. ♪♪

>> [ Gasps ] [ Orangutans chattering and vocalizing ] [Chomp! Chomp!] What? [Whoosh!] [ Gasps ] [ Wistful music plays ] Hang on, pal. I'll help you. [ Monitor warbles, beeps ] [ Gasps ]

>> Ollie?

>> Inez? Oh, hi. I was looking for Digit.

>> He, uh -- He's not here right now.

>> Well, tell him a whole lot of gunk just came down on us in Ecotopia and it's all over the place.

>> It's happening on other sites, too.

>> I don't know about anywhere else, but it's really bad for the environment and the animals. They're trying to eat this stuff and really shouldn't, and they're getting tangled in it.

>> Thanks for calling, Ollie. We're gonna do what we can. [ Monitor beeps ] Stuff is falling in Ecotopia, too!

>> Whatever's going on, seems like it's getting worse!

>> We really need Motherboard. How's Didge?

>> He feels terrible.

>> [ Sighs ]

>> With Motherboard down, we can't see what's happening out there!

>> What we need are eyes all over the place, like Ollie, to tell us what's going on.

>> Lots of eyes. Cyberspace is huge!

>> There must be something we can do.

>> Wait a minute. What about asking all the kids out there to help, to tell us what they know?

>> Right! They canallbe Citizen Scientists!

>> They can gather information from where they are, send the data to us, and we'll analyze it, just like scientists do.

>> I'm on it! Let's put out a survey. "Dear Citizen Scientist friends..." Um...what do we ask them to look for?

>> Well, why is stuff falling?

>> Before we can figure that out, I think we need to know whereit's falling.

>> Okay. "If stuff is falling on your cybersite, tell us what site you're on."

>> Ask if it's harming any animals.

>> But we already know this stuff isn't good for animals.

>> Yeah, you're right.

>> Hmm. What else do we need to know?

>> How about what time things fell? That would be helpful.

>> Good. "Tell us about what time everything fell."

>> And how much.

>> Do we really need to know how much?

>> I know! Tell them to send a photo of what fell. That way, we'll know how much came downandwhat it is.

>> Great idea! "And please send photos." Anything else?

>> I don't think so. That should give us a good picture of what's going on.

>> Done! [ Monitor beeps ]

>> [ Sniffling, crying ] [ Wistful music plays ] [ Monitor warbles ]

>> It's Factoria!

>> Stuff fell on my garden. Everything's flattened. Sending my survey.

>> Canalia's checking in. [ Monitor warbles ]

>> Just sent photos and my survey. Look. Hope it helps.

>> Megabays!

>> The beach is a mess! E-mailing my photos and survey. [ Monitor warbles ]

>> Both: Wow.

>> Gunk covering vegetable plants. Gunk falling into canals! Gunk on the beach!

>> All this gunk is ruining the environment.

>> We need to get Motherboard up and running now.

>> The Didge is back... [ All gasp ] ...and ready to reboot Motherboard!

>> Glad to hear it!

>> Thanks, Jax.

>> Hey, what are friends for?

>> Didge, what is that?

>> Motherboard's user guide. The answer to getting her back should be in here -- somewhere. [ Monitor beeps ]

>> [ Gasps ]

>> There's so much data coming in!

>> But what does it all mean?

>> It means we need to get organized! [ Ominous music plays ]

>> Hee-hee-hee-hee!

>> Boss, look at us. Junk ruined our day off.

>> A smoothie cup from Tikiville dropped on me, and I was in Pompadoria!

>> [ Laughs evilly ]

>> Why are you laughing, boss?

>> I'm laughing because that means my top-secret plan is working! Ha ha!

>> What is that?

>> That, my little robotic pal, is the West Cyber Trash Patch, a whole bunch of trash just sitting out there in Cyberspace!

>> Ew! You made that?

>> No. Unfortunately, I can't take credit. You can thank everyone out in Cyberspace for creating it. Allow me to explain. When you throw away trash, it doesn't just disappear.

>> It doesn't?

>> It does not. It has to go somewhere, like a trash can or landfill. But if you're not careful where you put your trash, the wind can carry it away and it ends up... there,in the far reaches of cyberspace, where nobody notices it.

>> How is a bunch of trash going to defeat Motherboard?

>> Watch and learn. You see, I, The Hacker, am now controlling where the Trash Patch goes -- with this.

>> Right! The fan!

>> As the patch moves, it's dropping trash onto the cybersites below!

>> 'Tis true, but that's not really part of my plan. Wherethe trash patch is heading,thatis my plan. [ Laughs maniacally ] So, where is the patch heading, boss?

>> It's heading right to... Motherboard. [ Evil laughter ] ♪♪

>> I think I found the fix! Yoikes! [ Thud ] Yes, it's right here! This just might work! [ Upbeat music plays ] It's working!

>> Motherboard! [ Static ]

>> Motherboard? [ Cries ] I amnotgiving up! [ Upbeat music plays ]

>> We aren't giving up either, Didge. Let's get organized so we can analyze all the data coming in.

>> According to the surveys, stuff fell on Penguia around 12:50. [Whoosh!] ♪♪

>> Penguia at 12:50. Marked.

>> Bottowa, around 1:10.

>> Bottowa at 1:10.

>> Here are the rest.

>> Got 'em, thanks!

>> What about all these photos? This one looks like plastic bottles. This one looks like glass jars.

>> Ta-da! Let's pin 'em all up and see what we have. This one's from Tikiville. Plastic bags from the Happily Ever Afterville Superstore?

>> How did bags get from Happily Ever Afterville to Tikiville?

>> That's what we're going to find out.

>> Guys! There's a pattern here. Check out the flags. It looks like this stuff is moving and that it's following a path!

>> You're right! Looks like it's moving east.

>> According to our Citizen Scientists, stuff fell on Happily Ever Afterville around 12:00... Tikiville around 12:10... Mermaidos around 12:25... Penguia around 12:50... and Bottowa around 1:10.

>> Itisfollowing a path.

>> And if this pattern continues, the next site stuff will fall on is... Sensible Flats!

>> We have to go there and see what's happening ourselves!

>> Let's do it. I call pilot!

>> I'll stay here and keep analyzing. ♪♪

>> Istilldon't get it, boss. How is a bunch of trash gonna defeat Motherboard?

>> Patience, my little bot. You will see in due time.

>> But how, boss? Is it a secret?

>> The big secret is that everyone in Cyberspace helped to create the patch by not properly disposing of their trash, and they don't even know it exists! [ Evil laughter ] ♪♪

>> Please tell the king D. Luxe is on it. [ Cellphone beeps ] Hacker?

>> Oh!

>> [ Clears throat ] TheHacker here. You must be... D. Luxe. Nice to meet you! [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] I'll call you right back. Okay, let's get started! Every great ruler needs a great party! Hmm. Okay, so we don't have a lot to work with. [ Suspenseful music plays ]

>> Whoa! That was close.

>> So much stuff. [ Whirring ]

>> Hey! They just littered! That's not very thoughtful. [Squirt!]

>> Whoa. A hot dog?

>> What else are we gonna find up here?

>> Huuuuuh?

>> I-I think it's coming from up there.

>> Yeow! What is that?!

>> "Alt-control, 17-shift 87...enter!" A-a-aw! Jax, I'm running out of ideas.

>> And I'm running out of room for all these photos. I'm trying to figure out what all this stuff has in common.

>> Empty soda cans... used cups... popped balloons... old straws... plastic bags... ...all stuff that was thrown away.

>> [ Gasps ]

>> Didge, that's it! You're a genius!

>> I am?

>> Jackie, come in!

>> I'm here, guys. We know what all this stuff that's falling has in common -- it's all trash!

>> And we know where it's falling from. Take a look atthis! [ Ominous music plays ]

>> A giant patch of trash!

>> How did all that trash get all the way up there?

>> We have no idea, but it's moving over Sensible Flats right now. [ Monitor beeping ]

>> Hold on, you guys. [ Monitor whirs ]

>> Gollywood's been trashed!

>> Thanks. We're on it! A load of trash just fell on Gollywood... at 2:35! [ Whirring ] Gollywood? But Gollywood's all the way over here, in the East!

>> Inez, Matt, Gollywood's all the way on other side of Cyberspace.

>> How is that possible? The trash patch doesn't stretch that far.

>> How can trash be falling on opposite sides of Cyberspace?

>> You got me. We can't figure it out from here -- yet.

>> Maybe we can from up here. We're going to Gollywood!

>> Be careful, you guys! Aw, it's getting worse. More trash falling in East Cyberspace!

>> Wait...a...minute! I think this is the fix for Motherboard! "When all else has failed, try the Super Duper Bypass Rebooter."

>> Way to go, Didge!

>> Uh-oh. It says here the maneuver is very risky. [ Gulps ]

>> We don't have a choice. [ Sighs ] Go for it. [Screech!]

>> Matt, I think I see why trash is falling on this side of Cyberspace, too!

>> Both: There aretwotrash patches?!

>> Yes. Begin Phase 2. [ Laughs evilly ] The two trash patches are on the perfect path. Soon, Motherboard will be replaced by yours truly. [ Chuckles ]

>> That's what I'm saying, Jax. There aretwoof these huge trash patches out here.

>> Wait. There are two?

>> Now it makes sense why trash is falling in the West and the East. This is worse than I thought!

>> Any closer to getting Motherboard back?

>> Not yet, but the Didge is on it! [Clatter!] Whoopsie! Aah! Oh! I need that! [ Upbeat music plays ]

>> The chocolate fountain goes here.

>> [ Grunting ] [ Cellphone rings ]

>> Yes, please send out the guest list. No! Wicked wasn't invited. Um, okay. Invite her. [Whirl!]

>> Gah!

>> Oops! [ Grunts ]

>> [ Slurps ] Mmm! Yummy!

>> Oh, that's good!

>> Where are the centerpieces?

>> Both: Oops!

>> [ Grunting ]

>> Whoa! [ Drumroll ] [Whoosh!]

>> Ha!

>> My, my, my. The gala looks amazing! So worthy of someone of my importance and celebrity.

>> And I should mention it's costing you this many snelfus. [ Sour trumpet notes play ]

>> Huh?!

>> Both: Whoa!

>> Okay. Let's get the biggest party of the year looking perfect! Agreed?

>> Agreed. As the ruler-to-be of Cyberspace, I need to act like a ruler and celebrate it.

>> Yes! You need to act the part, celebrate the part, andlook the part! So you need a new look.

>> I do?

>> She's right, boss. Look.

>> Hmm. Handsome. Rugged. I'm not seeing what you're seeing. [ Alarm beeping ]

>> Ah, it's the Earth kids!

>> They're onto us, boss!

>> Not to worry. It's too late for them to do anything. [ Laughs evilly ] [ Both laugh ]

>> Ahem!

>> Oops.

>> Huh?

>> Just to be safe, go keep an eye on them! [ Mutters ] Perhaps Icoulduse a new look.

>> What's all this trash even doing here?

>> I don't know, but look. Oh, man! Gardenia just got trashed!

>> Copy that. Trash landed on Gardenia at 3:15. And a bunch more sightings came in a few minutes ago. We've got Gollywood at 2:35, Topsy Turvy Island at 3:00, Eureeka at 3:05, and Shangri-La at 3:10. Hmm.

>> So, what do we know, Jax?

>> Hard to tell, Inez. Hmm. Didge, do you have any string or ribbon?

>> Ask and ye shall receive!

>> Thanks. Put a ribbon connecting all those flags on the west side of the map. I'll do the same over here on the east side.

>> Gotcha! ♪♪

>> [ Gasps ] Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!

>> Oh, what, oh, what, oh, what, oh, what?!

>> Guys, we have another pattern going on here.

>> What kind of pattern?

>> A bad one, Inez. The two trash patches are heading right toward each other, with Control Central right smack dab in the middle!

>> Jax, are you saying what I think you're saying?

>> Control Central is about to get crushed between the two trash patches.

>> Not if we can stop the patches from moving. Hang on, Matt!

>> Let's go! [Whoosh!] ♪♪ Check it out. The trash is churning around as the patch moves!

>> Whoa! That piece of plastic got sucked right into the patch with everything else! Yikes! A giant fan!

>> It looks like the fan is what's pushing the trash patch around.

>> Like when the wind on Earth blows stuff around. did a giant fan even get up here?

>> I don't know, but I'm no fan of that fan. Time to turn it off. [ Display beeping, whirring ] Almost... Almost... I...think I have it! [Whoosh!] Hey!

>> Buzz and Delete!

>> [ Laughs maniacally ]

>> Leave the area at once, Earth kids! This is Buzz speaking!


>> We should've known Hacker was behind this.

>> Let's go.

>> Ooh. [ Suspenseful music plays ]

>> They're right behind us! Faster, "Nezzie"! [ Both laugh maniacally ]

>> Hee-hee-hee! Ha ha ha!

>> And watch this.

>> I'm onto 'em.

>> Right there -- the space tunnel.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> All right! Ha ha! Gotcha now!

>> Huh? How'd they get behind us?!

>> I'll fix that. [ Laughs ] [Screech!]

>> [ Gasps ]

>> After 'em, Buzzy! [ Upbeat music plays ]

>> Oh, my! I see my gala is almost ready for me.

>> Butyou'renot ready for your gala! It's update-your-look time. [ Up-tempo funky music plays ] [Whip!] Mm... No. [ Regal music plays ]

>> [ Laughs ] No. [ Up-tempo music resumes ] [Zip!]

>> Aha! [ Wah-wah! ] [ Alarm beeping ] [Sproing!]

>> Boss, it's us! Those Earth kids tried to stop the fans from blowing the trash, but we stopped them from stopping the fans.

>> We're chasing them off right now, boss.

>> Listen to me and listen good. They must not interfere with my plans.

>> You got it, boss!

>> Stay with 'em, Buzzy!

>> Don't worry, DeeDee! [ Display beeps ]

>> Whoa!

>> They're back.

>> [ Giggles ] [ Both screaming ]

>> Who-o-o-o-o-a!

>> Both: He-e-e-e-lp!

>> Okay. So, this is part A. Or is it this one? And do I put this and this together, or that and that?

>> Hmm. [ Whimsical music plays ]

>> I'm seeing a lot of plastic up there, Jax... plastic bottles... plastic bags... plastic straws...

>> Yeah, I know. But there's a lot of other stuff, too. The question is, how did it all get up there? Hmm. Wait a minute here! No way! It all makes sense now. The trash patches are there because of Cyber citizens! When they litter or don't throw away their trash properly, it flies off in the wind and ends up...there!

>> Does that happen on Earth, too?!

>> Well, yeah, it does. The trash doesn't gather up in space like here, but it sure gathers in oceans and streams and rivers and other places where it doesn't belong. It's a huge problem.

>> Okay! So, we know how those trash patches were created, but now we have to stop 'em from moving, or Motherboard is in big, big trouble!

>> And us, too.

>> Both: He-e-e-e-lp!

>> Matt? Inez? You okay?!

>> Both: Noooo!

>> We're wedged into the East Cyber Trash Patch!

>> And we're getting pulled in deeper!

>> I'm on my way. We need Motherboard, Didge. You can do it! You have to do it!

>>CanI do it? Yes, I can! [ Suspenseful music plays ]

>> I'm on my way, guys! Matt? Inez? You there?

>> Inez! Give it more power!

>> [ Grunts ] I can't! We're full throttle! [ Rumbling ]

>> Whoa!

>> No!

>> Inez! Matt! Hey! [ Heroic music plays ]

>> Jax! [ Rumbling ]

>> Help!

>> Don't worry, I'll get you out!

>> How?!

>> Somehow! [ Display beeps ] Whoops!

>> Uh, not helping!

>> Sorry. [ Display beeps ]

>> Yeah, neither is that.

>> Ohh. [ Display beeps ] [Disco music plays ] Oops!

>> Jackie!

>> Both: Whoa! [ Music stops ]

>> Aw, man. [ Angelic chord plays ] Yes! [ Display beeps ] [ Whirring ] [Plop!] Bingo! [Whoosh!] [Rip!]

>> Both: All right! [Whir!] [ Both screaming ]

>> Aah!

>> Ugh!

>> Thanks!

>> Thanks.

>> Anytime. [ Display beeps ] [Whir!] Buckle up, guys. We've got to get out of here! ♪♪

>> We discovered there are huge fans up here that are moving the trash patches!

>> Fans?

>> Yep. We're pretty sure they were made by Hacker.

>> Yeah, he probably made the trash patches, too.

>> I don't think so.

>> Then who made them?

>> Everyone in Cyberspace!

>> Both: What?! [ Upbeat music plays ]

>> Chocolate fountain bubbling. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Have you picked out your outfit, The Hacker? [ Smooth jazz music plays ]

>> Update successful?

>> Oh, yes! It really pops. Now we need to updateyou.

>> Me?! Yeah you, mm-hmm. It's time for your facial.

>> [ Gasps ]

>> [ Singsong voice ] Buzz! Delete! [ Snaps ]

>> [ Giggles ] ♪♪

>> [ Normal voice ] Here, have a seat.

>> [ Screams ] [ Hinges squeak ] [Whoosh!]

>> Ready for your facial, boss.

>> Ooh! A mani-pedi.

>> You really -- [ Muffled shouting ]

>> Ooh!

>> With Buzz and Delete out there, we can't stop the trash patches from moving.

>> And Hacker's fans are locked in place!

>> Earthlies! The Super Duper Bypass Rebooter is ready!

>> Together: Wow! [ Rumbling ]

>> Uh-oh.

>> Uh-oh.

>> Guys, if we don't do something quick, we'll all become trash!

>> I'm on it. [ Monitors beeping, warbling ] Stand by.

>> Hurry, Didge!

>> Please work! [ Monitor beeping, warbling ] [ Monitor beeps ]

>> [ Gasps ]

>> All right!

>> It's working!

>> Yes!

>> [ Chuckles ] The second most beautiful sight in Cyberspace. The most beautiful sight, of course, is... me!

>> Very beautiful, boss.

>> Yeah!

>> Okay. The guests should be arriving shortly.

>> Everyone get comfy and enjoy the view. Once Motherboard has been dealt with, it's party time! ♪♪ [ Horns blow ] I said once Motherboard has been dealt with.

>> Oh, right. [ Chuckles nervously ] Sorry, boss.

>> Sorry. [ Horn blows ] Sorry. [ Ominous music plays ]

>> I hate to say this, but we're about to be taken out with the trash!

>> Motherboard's our only chance!

>> Didge, how long until she's rebooted? [ Monitor whirring ] We're halfway there, 50%.

>> Oh, we're running out of time!

>> There must be something else we can do. Okay, what do we know? We can't stop the fans from blowing. We can't block the patches from moving. We can't... [ Gasps ] I've got it! Instead of stopping the fans and the patches, maybe we can just get out of their path.

>> Great idea! How?

>> Yes! I think I remember reading something about moving Control Central in case of emergency. Move Control Central, move Control Central, move... Hey! Here it is! Okay, looks easy enough. Just have to reconfigure the configurement and add to the add-on while subtracting the subtracter. [ Machinery grinding, whirring ] [ Alarm blaring ] Done. [ All cheering ] [ Electronic dance music plays ]

>> Congrats, boss.

>> Yay, new ruler! [ Horns blow ]

>> Not yet! Stop! [ Clears throat ] My dear friends, we are moments away from a momentous moment and a new order in Cyberspace. Watch as I become the new ruler.

>> Oh, oh.

>> Boss? Boss, boss!

>> What? [ Sour notes play ] Nooooo! [ Monitor warbles ] [ Laughs evilly ] [ Ominous music plays ] [ Monitor beeps ] Bull's-eye! [ Rumbling ]

>> What happened? We stopped moving!

>> Hacker!

>> [ Laughs evilly ] ♪♪ [ Rumbling ] What? [ Ominous music plays ] [ Laughs evilly ] [ Horn blows ]! [ Monitor beeps ] [ Warbling ] [ Growls ] [ Muttering ] [ Grunting ]

>> We're back in the path of the trash patches!

>> We're at 75%, three quarters of the way to a total reboot.

>> It's not going fast enough.

>> We need more weight to counter Hacker's pull.

>> We have to do something now, or else!

>> [ Breathes deeply ] "Or else" is not going to happen, Motherboard. You have my word. ♪♪ Hang on!

>> Didge! Where are you going?! [ Rumbling ] ♪♪ One small leap for Motherboard... [ Grunts ] giant leap for Cyberspace! [ Grunting ] [Whir!]

>> What?! [ Both gasp ] No! [ Shouts ] [ All screaming ]

>> I didn't see that coming. [ All screaming ] [Clink!]

>> Oh!

>> Aah! [Splat!]

>> [ Grunts ]

>> Aah! Ouf!

>> [ Grunts ] [Clink!] [Squirt!] Ah!

>> [ Screaming ] [Whistle!] Yuck!

>> You did it, Didge!

>> You saved us! [ Monitor beeping, whirring ] [ Static ]

>> [ Gasps ]

>> Together: Motherboard!

>> Motherboard, you're back! [ Camera shutter clicks ] [ Breathes deeply ] Speak to me! Tell me something! [ Upbeat music plays ]

>> I-I thought it was going to be asmallparty.

>> Together: Happy Birthday!

>> Happy Birthday, Motherboard!

>> Yeah, happy birthday! [ Horns blow ]

>> [ Muffled ] Not now! Not now!

>> Just for you! Happy birthday Motherboard!

>> And a one, and a two....

>> Together: ♪ Today's your birthday, today's the big day ♪ ♪ Today's your birthday, hip hip hooray! ♪ [ All cheering ]

>> So...the trash patches will just stay up there?

>> For now, yes. Maybe, one day, we'll figure out what to do with them.

>> Hopefully, the citizens of Cyberspace will learn to stash their trash so it doesn't end up where it doesn't belong.

>> I will do my best to help them understand.

>> It's the same on Earth, Motherboard. Our environment is being ruined by people who don't see the problem.

>> And we need to help convince people there to change their ways, too.

>> It's not that difficult, you know? I did a little reorganizing of the photos our Citizen Scientists sent in. What do ya think, Jax?

>> From one organizer to another -- cool.

>> All these things, like cans, bottles, boxes, can be recycled, so you're not really throwing them away.

>> And these are things you can use again for something else. Just wash 'em out, clean 'em up, and maybe repaint them.

>> Bingo! Just like new.

>> But not everything is recyclable or reusable... like this stuff -- used straws, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers. Once you're done with them, you need to throw them away, but in a proper container.

>> But carefully so it doesn't blow away or become litter.

>> I'm going to make sure I do all this when I'm home.

>> We must all do our part. [ Echoing ] Citizens of Cyberspace, we have a problem that must be addressed. We must take care to dispose of our trash responsibly. We must be sure it is properly thrown away. We must remember to recycle and reduce our waste. And, whenever possible, choose a reusable alternative! When we all recycle and reuse what we can, Cyberspace will become a healthier and happier place! Way to go, Mother B! [ Doorbell rings ] ♪♪ It's your birthday present, Mother B!

>> [ Normal voice ] Another present? [ Soft music plays ]

>> What do ya think?

>> Hee-hee. I love it.

>> And I love you, Mother B.

>> Together: Happy Birthday, Motherboard!