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Fellow citizens, I've just learned that Hacker

is once again planning trouble for our beloved Pompadoria.

Luckily, an unexpected friend has offered to help.

Someone we all know...the Wicked Witch!

I know, I know - you're thinking...What? Wicked?

Who pretended to be our princess to take over our cybersite?

It's true, yes.

But that was then - and this is now.

Wicked has assured me that she has changed,

and I think she deserves a second chance.

Pompadorians, I want you to know I've totally changed

my wicked ways.

And to prove it, I'm going to put a spell on you!

No, no, no, a good spell!

One that will keep you safe from Hacker forever!

All eyes on me!

Roses are red, violets are blue.

I'm now your favorite witchie-poo.

Do as I say, without hesitation.

And shower me with your adoration!

We love you, Wicked.


In fact, we adore you so much, we want you to be

the new leader of Pompadoria.

And we won't take no for an answer!

Oh you! If you insist!

Oh, no!

A Pompadorian walks into a hotel.

The clerk tells him it's fifteen snelfus a night...

...five snelfus if you make your own bed.

Good, I'll make my own bed, says the Pompadorian.

Okay, says the owner - I'll get you a hammer and nails.

Didge, stop with the jokes.

I'll never finish my painting of the Hedgehoppers.

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!

Petra! What's wrong?

Wicked cast a spell on all the Pompadorians.

She said it was a good spell - but I don't think so!

Do you remember what she said? was something like: "I'm your favorite witchie-poo.

Do what I say and shower me with adoration."

Shower me with adoration?

Do what I say?


Wicked's bein' wicked again.

As Inez would say...

Uh, oh. This is not good - this is not good at all!


Wicked put some kind of spell of adoration

on the Pompadorians!

They're totally under her control!

Tell Jax we're on our way.

We're leaving the cybrary now.

Easy there, earthlies - no running in the cybrary.


We're in a hurry to get to Pompadoria.

Well, there's no use rushing.

We just got a cybermail saying Pompadoria's been closed off

to all visitors till further notice.

So - enjoy the Cybrary.

Hope this still works.

Phew! Just barely.

Jax! Wicked must have closed down Pompadoria -

we can't get onto the site.


Didge, you'd better-- I know!

Get to the castle and find out what that wily Wicked is up to!

I'm waaay ahead of ya, earthlie!

Matt! See if you can find something

about a Spell of Adoration at the Cybrary.

And hurry!





Thank you so much. I adore being adored!


Move along.

How do I adore thee? Let me count the ways.

Okay. Start counting.

Number one.



That must be one heck of a spell.

What are you doing here?

My adoration for you is boundless.

I can barely find the words to describe how I feel.


Wait. We'll do the rest of the adorations later, okay?

Of course, my Queen.

Everyone...that's a wrap for today.

Adorations begin at noon tomorrow.

...And don't be late.

Stop playing with me, Hacker.

This is my gig!

Of course it is - and you deserve every second of it,

my adorable one.

You're mad, right?

Mad I didn't include you in my plan?

Oh, I'm mad, all right...mad for you!

Mad for your devious nature... your evil aptitude...

...that pointy little nose

that has finally pierced my heart.

Are you really under my spell?

I mean, I didn't even know you were here.

If by 'under your spell' you mean I adore you?

Guilty as charged!

And to prove it, tonight I'm staging an 'I Love Wicked'

rally just for you!

Oh, Hackie-poo, you say the sweetest things.

If only I believed you.

A rally? Tonight?

Hmm...wonder what Hacker's got up his cape this time?

Wuh oh!

Duncebuckets at twelve twenty-nine!

You think the boss's plan for us to steal all the Ergs

in Pompadoria while he keeps Wicked busy

with an 'I Love Wicked' rally is really gonna work?

Only if he fooled her into thinking he's under her spell!

So that's what they're up to!

...I found more Ergs!

Do we have to take all of 'em, Buzzy?

I mean, we've already got...




Hacker's after our Ergs?

But the Ergs power all of Pompadoria!

We can't exist without them.

We know.

We have got to stop Hacker!

C'mon, guys!

Petra! Come back!

What can five little Hedgehoppers do to stop Hacker?

Probably not much.

But we can do alot!

We gotta break that spell...and fast!

"Spells Made Simple"...

"When Good Spells Go Bad"..."

101 Evil Spells and How to Break Them"...

That should have what we need!

Jackie! I think we found something!

...The Spell of Adoration! This must be it!

Jax, listen up!

"The Spell of Adoration can only be broken by reading the

spell-breaker and showing this symbol to everyone under the

spell at the same time."

What symbol?

The one in the book we found!

We'll Skwak you a picture of it!

Cool! We can show it to the Pompadorians at the rally.

They'll all be there!

Excellent plan!

Picture coming!

Oh, no! The camera's out of commission!

How are we going to get the symbol to Jackie?

Matt, Inez, I can hear your voices - so at least

we can still talk!

And I've got all my art stuff here.

Just tell me what the symbol looks like and I can paint it.

You got it!

It's a picture of a big blue face.

Not a round face though...

and it has a kind of a u-shaped chin.

Its eyes are yellow and orange...

It's got a green nose...

And a big yellow mouth.

And there are two green pointy things coming out of its head.


And parts of its face are light blue and parts are dark blue.

And that's it!


But how do we know if mine looks like yours?

mine has light blue around the eyes and nose and on the chin.

Does yours?

No...there's only light blue on the forehead and under the eyes.


What about the green pointy things?

Where are they?

Near the's on the right side,

and one's on the left.

Double oops...


I think we've got a communication failure here.

You can say that again!

This isn't working, guys!

We've gotta find a better way to talk about

what's where on the symbol!

We hear you, Jax.

We're on it!

What are we gonna do?

Unless their copy of the symbol looks like the symbol

Tell me something, Hackie-poo.

Do you really, truly adore me?

You have me spellbound, my sweet.

In my eyes, you can do no wrong.


Then...anything I say or do is okey-dokey with you?

Absolutely, my angel.

So... If I said that you were a bigger duncebucket

than Buzz or Delete - that would be okay?

Totally acceptable, my treasure.

And...if I said I didn't think you could take over Cyberspace

- or that I've never thought you could take over Cyberspace

- that wouldn't bother you, either?

Not at all, my sugar-plum.


Another token of my devotion and adoration.

Hmmmm...maybe he is under my spell after all.

There's gotta be a way to let Jax know what parts of the

symbol are where so she can paint it.

But how?

We tried describing it to her - that didn't work.

Maybe there's a book about drawing or art that can help.

Good idea! We just need to find the Art Section.

...Over here! A map of the Cybrary.

The Art Section is in E three.

Okay! Here's row E...

And here's column three!

So the Art Section is here.

Which puts it...over there!

Let's go!

Hmm, that grid sure helped us find the art section...

I know...let's go!

What if we put a grid on the symbol like the grid on the map?


If Jackie draws the same grid, then we can pinpoint what goes

where and tell her!

I think I get what you mean...let's try it.


This is where the orange eye is,

so we tell Jackie to color this square orange.

Here's the other eye, so this square is orange too.

But...look here.

This square has both dark blue and yellow...

What should we tell Jackie to do here?

Make it both dark blue and yellow...?

Good question...

What if we make each square just one color - the color

that takes up most of the square?

Would the face still look enough like the original to work?

Let's try it.

Your square is mostly yellow, so we color it yellow.

Same here.

And this one is mostly dark color it dark blue.

This just might work...!

Let's color in the rest of the squares.

Don't worry, Buzzy...the rope won't come loose this time.

Stop yappin' and hold onto me!

I can almost reach the Ergs!

That's what you think!


You know, from a distance this looks pretty good.

Didge, is your grid ready?


Ten squares across... ten down!


Now go down two squares and color that one green.

Uh, go down from where?

Which square?

Matt, where do we start?

Oh, ummm...the top row - far left square.

Man, this is gonna take forever.

Of course!

We forgot to label the squares!


Label the squares down the left side with letters,

from 'A' to 'J'...then label the squares across the top

from left to right with numbers from one to ten.

We'll do the same thing here.

Done! What's the first square, Matty?

D four. Paint it orange!

The D row...the 4 column.

And here's the square where they meet...

What's the next square?

D seven! That's orange, too!!

...Got it!

Two orange squares.


Those are the eyes!

More adoration, Hackie-poo!

And a little more enthusiasm...hmm?

Your evil mind bubbles with brilliance.

You're more delectable than a bundt cake,

more adorable than the runt

in a litter of spiney-tailed toads.

Oh, that's good.

More! MORE!

Frankly, as much as I'd love to continue,

your 'I Love Wicked' rally won't run itself!


Fear not, sweet Wicked.


My adoration for you will not wane!

See you at the rally!

At last, The Hacker is mine! I'm so bad I'm good.


Looks a lot better this time.

Kinda hard to tell what it is, though.

It looks better from back here!

The squares all smooth out.

It looks more like a face.

Wow, that oughta break the spell!

But... don't all the Pompadorians

have to see the symbol at the same time?

That's what Matt said.

Then we have a problem.

You're right. My painting is much too small!

Cue the Dancing Wickeds!


I loathe the set! I detest the music!

The flowers are all wrong, and if you say those lead-footed

dancers are supposed to be me, I'll scream!

But Wickie-poo, the rally starts in one hour.

It's too late to make changes.

If you truly adore me, you should be happy to make changes!

Happy, happy, happy!

I'll be happy when my Ergs get here!

That's when I'll be happy...

really, really happy!

If we tell the boss someone took all the Ergs

he's gonna be really, really unhappy.

Buzzy! Look! An Erg!

But there's only one down there.

That's one more than we've got now. get it.

...No way!

You get it.



The good news is...all the Pompadorians will be

at the rally really soon, the perfect place to show the symbol

and break the spell.

The bad news is, the symbol's way too small for all of them

to see it at the same time!

They need to make the symbol bigger.

But how do they do that

and make sure the symbol still looks right?

Good question...

Matt! I've got it!

All they have to do is make the same pattern

on a much bigger grid!

Bigger grid - bigger squares -bigger symbol!

Jax! Here's what you do!

Got it! Okay, we make the same grid - but huge!

Color each square exactly the same way,

and we'll get the same symbol - only big enough

so everyone can see it.


Wuh oh!

There's not enough paint left to make a giganto symbol.

We're back!

At least we saved some of the Ergs.

And we've found a way to break the spell.

We need to make a great big one of these.

But we don't have enough paint to fill in all the squares.

Use us.

We're the right colors!

Well, yeah...but we need something huge,

and there's only five of you.

That's what you think!

You make the squares - we'll fill 'em in!


Tonight we celebrate a witch whose intellect,

beauty and wit are so unique I...

I can't even find the words to describe them.

So, without further ado,

it's the moment you've all been waiting for!

You know her, you adore her, give it up

for your Queen and mine...



The rally's almost over!


Okay, I need green at A ten!



You're supposed to be on B seven!

I loooove you Wiiiickeeeeed!

Ohh, I love you the way that people who are adored

adore the people who adore them...from a distance!

I think I'm going to be sick!



Hey boss!

Did you get the Ergs?

Well...we uh...

We got one.





Way to go, Petra! 'A' one! Hit it, Didge!

It's showtime!

I think we should have an 'I Love Wicked' rally every day!

Well? ...Don't you?

Look! What is it?

Ooo, a special present just for me?

You bet it is, Wicked!


What are they doing here!

Okay, Matt, read the spell-breaker!

"To all who are present, and hear these words spoken...

Keep your eyes on the symbol, and the Spell of Adoration

will be broken!"

It worked, Matt! The spell is broken!

Silly earthbrats!

I'll just put another magic spell on all of you!

That's not gonna happen!




Don't rush!



I can't believe you faked all that adoration!

How could you?

Face it, Wicked.

The only one I truly me!


The only one who could adore you is you!