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For the cybersite of the same name, see Spheres of Fears (cybersite).
"Spheres of Fears"
Spheres of Fears Title Card.png
today Original air date
October 27, 2008
person Directed by
Brandon Lloyd
person Written by
Adam Rudman
George Arthur Bloom
calculate Topic
Calculating circumference from diameter, pi
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"Spheres of Fears" is the tenth and final episode of Season 6 of Cyberchase.




In his latest and possibly maddest scheme ever, Hacker traps Digit and the kids in one of the dreaded Spheres of Fears, a mini-galaxy of orbs populated by eerie creatures called Creepers. He wants them out of the way so that Delete, in a diva star turn, can impersonate Motherboard and convince everyone in Cyberspace to cause chaos everywhere. No one can stop him now! To unlock the door and escape their Sphere, the kids must find the codebook—which Digit remembers is at the opposite end of the Sphere’s diameter.  And there is no way any of them will make that creepy journey alone!  As chaos builds in cyberspace, the team uses the relationship between circumference and diameter to overcome obstacles, and their fears, in the search for the codebook. But can they find it in time?  If they fail, chaos will reign supreme, and Hacker will take over the virtual universe forever!

Math topic

A circle's circumference—the distance around the circle—is just over three times as long as its diameter—the distance straight across or through. This is true no matter the size of the circle.

At the end of the episode, the CyberSquad finds the escape code PI31415. The circumference-to-diameter ratio is named pi, after the Greek letter π that represents it in math notation. As the code suggests, pi equals about 3.1415.

Since pi is an irrational number, it cannot be fully written as an exact decimal. However, very precise approximations of pi have been calculated, yielding long lists of pi's digits[1], far more than are typically needed.



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