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Delete: And... and... and then Hacker sold my bunny! My George is g... g... gone!

Inez: Poor Delete!

Delete: So... so I took his new plan to take over Cyberspace! It's all yours!

Matt: Way to go, Delete!

Delete: But Hacker knows I took it... and he's looking for me! Come to Bleak Pines and--

[Screen strach]

Inez: Delete! Are you there? We have to go help him!

Matt: And get Hacker's new plan! Come on!

Digit: Whoa whoa whoa and whoa! You don't actually believe Delete, do you?

Inez: I do!

Matt: Me too!

Digit: Well, I don't! I worked for The Hacker long enough to say it's a trap! Jax?

Jackie: Um, Matt and Inez do have a point, Didge. Help Delete, save Cyberspace...on the other hand, who knows Delete better than you? Then again--

Matt, Inez, and Jackie: We're going!

[Scene takes place at Bleak Pines and Matt, Inez, Jackie, and Digit came from the portal]

Digit: If this isn't a trap, then I don't know what is!

Inez: Delete needs us, Didge. If we can only find him.

Delete: Pssst! Over here! You came! Thank you, thank you!

Matt: Where's Hacker's plan?

Delete: This way... hurry!

[The Cybersquad follows Delete, but then, they're in the sphere from the vacuum cleaner, and then, the door closes]

Matt: What happened?

Jackie: We're locked in! We're locked in!!!!!!!!!

Hacker: Once I deposit those kids where they belong, I can begin Phase Two of my plan without interference!

Buzz: Admit it, boss, you couldn't have done this without Deedee. He's a pretty good actor, huh?

Hacker: His starring role has yet to come! [He picks up the speaker and announces them] Buckle up, earthbrats! [The ship begins to fly] Time for a little trip!

Digit: I told you this would happen! But...not to worry, the Didge is on top of his game. [Digit takes the rope out of his pocket] My Lock Buster Rope will open any lock in a flash. I'll fly out...unhook the bubble...and push us to safety!

Inez: What do we do with it?

Measure the size

of that circle lock -

while I look for the

other end of this thing.

Okay. Let's see.

... Got it!


It's too short!


You didn't measure right!

I did, too!

You asked me to measure

the size of the circle.

So I measured the diameter

- the distance across!

But I needed the

all-the-way around distance!

Then you should have said so!

That's the circumference!

Time out, guys!


The Spheres of Fears!

The creepiest

places in Cyberspace!

I was here once with Hacker...

Didge! Try that

rope thingie again!


We gotta get out of here!

I'm hurryin', I'm hurryin'!

It's too late!

We're trapped!

Good one, boss!

Why thank you, Buzz.

Welcome to your

new home, earthbrats.

You too, cyberturkey!

Relax... enjoy... you'll

be here a long, long time.

Oh, by the way, I'll be

at the Northern Frontier...

if you need anything.




I knew it was a trap, but no,

no one listens to the Didge!

And now look where we are!


You were right, Didge.

This is one scary place!

Guys, we have got

to get it together.

Just stay calm, and we'll

figure out a way outta here.

Hey - use your

Lock Buster, Didge!


Only this time we'll--

I know... measure

the circumference!

... Oh, no!

There's not enough rope

left to go all the way around!


What was that, Didge?


There's all kinds of 'em...

Winged ones,

Crawling ones and...

We gotta call Motherboard!

Begin Phase Two!

To escape. . find code book.

Where do we find

it, Motherboard?

End of orange brick road.

Motherboard communication out!

Find code to lock and--


She's gone!

What happened?!

No clue!

But you heard Mother-B.

Let's go get that

code book at the end

of the orange brick road.

Um... Didge?

Do you think maybe you could

just fly to the other end -

get the code book

- and fly back?

Too s-s-scared...


Then we walk... together.

A Winged Creeper!


It's locked!

We're doomed!

Didge, Didge, it's okay.

The Creeper's long gone.

For now!

But what if it comes back?

I'm not sure I

can do this, boss.

Of course you can, Delete!

You're an ac-tor!

Think about everyone in

Cyberspace, watching you -

obeying your every command

as if you were Motherboard.

m Motherboard.

I am Motherboard.



Just repeat after me.



Not you, you duncebucket!

Camera on, boss.

We're live across Cyberspace!

Citizens of cyberspace -

I have discovered a

way to dispose of Hacker.

Citizens of Cyberspace...

I have discovered a way...

to dispose of Hacker.

But I need your help.

Hacker hates messes.

Hacker hates messages...

Not messages... messes!

Messes... Hacker hates messes.

So throw pies everywhere.

Throw them far... throw them now!

Throw pies everywhere.

Throw them now!

Phase Three is working!

A mock Motherboard

causing caclysmic chaos!

A positively perfect plan!

Once the chaos reaches

the 'danger' zone...

... the chaos will

be irreversible!


Motherboard's back!

Mess up cyberspace...

mess, mess, messy!

Man, Mother-B looks kinda

weird, don't you think?

Yeah, and why does she want

everyone to make a mess?

'Cause it's not

Motherboard, that's why!

Check out her hair!


That's Delete's

antenna stickin' up!

He's pretending

to be Motherboard!

Now make noise... lots of noise!