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Thar she is!

My search is over!

I've finally found Doctor Marbles!

Can we see, boss?

Can we look?

Be my guest.

Me, first!

No, me!

Uh-oh! We got a problem, boss!

Marbles is with Ivanka!

Of course he's with Ivanka!

It's her pirate ship, you duncebucket!

But, boss...Ivanka's a ghost!

And you're afraid of ghosts!

Sad but true.


I see this as an opportunity to once and for all eliminate

Dr. Marbles - the only one who can cure Motherboard

and stop me from taking over cyberspace!

But...what about Ivanka?


How do you get rid of a ghost?

One step at a time, my shallow-minded stooges!

Even ghost problems get solved!

This circuit board is an exact duplicate

of the one inside Motherboard.

And this memory chip contains the very same virus

with which Hacker infected her.

If my experiment works, all we have to do

is gather more magmalux and we can restore Motherboard

to perfect operating status!

It worked, Ivanka!

The magmalux erased the virus from the chip!

Well, shiver me scroll bar... ye finally found

a cure for Motherboard!

Thanks to you, Doctor!

And thanks to you as well, Ivanka.

You've hidden me from Hacker for all this time,

while I've searched for a cure!

It was worth the wait, matey.

Me will to thwart The Hacker remains strong!

Come, we'll go to Mt. Survarius

and retrieve enough magmalux to remove Motherboard's virus.

Aye, but first...

...A celebration dance?

Why...I didn't know you jigged.




Good job, Buzzy!


Save your breath, Ivanka... this jar is ghost proof!

Even you can't get out!

It's Hacker!

...Did someone call my name?

How did you find me?

Perseverance and persistence, my dear doctor,

the hallmarks of a genius!

A corrupted one at that!

Motherboard banished you once - she can do it again!

I doubt that.

You seem to forget, when you created me -

you gave me brainpower equal to yours!

And you could have used your intelligence

for the good of cyberspace - instead of for personal greed.

Picky, picky!

The Hacker only wants what The Hacker deserves -

complete control of cyberspace!

Is that asking too much?

Some day I'll have you reformatted and--

Oh no you won't!

As a matter of fact, I heard your entire conversation

about magmalux, and I'm very impressed.

After all, if magmalux can erase my virus from Motherboard's can erase anything, including Motherboard!

Mt. Survarius, here I come, ready or not!

By the way, you won't be coming with me!

I have other plans for you.



Hacker has Doctor Marbles... tracking device activated!


Don't tell me Hacker knows about the magmalux too!

Hurry, Didge!

Go to Cybersite Corsairio!

Picaroon Lagoon!

I'll contact the CyberSquad!

Where are those earthlies?


It's about time, earthlies.

Sorry, Didge.

There was a glitch in Motherboard's portal.

Yeah, we got sent to Macaroon Lagoon by mistake.

I hate when that happens.

Any idea where Hacker took Doctor Marbles?


Hacker's taken him Skull Island!

But the magmalux the Doc found to fix Motherboard

is waaay over here... at Mt. Survarius!

C'mon - let's go rescue Doctor Marbles!

We gotta get the magmalux before Hacker does.

It's powerful stuff.

I can't believe I'm saying this but...let's split up.

I'll fly to the volcano and get the magmalux.

You three go to Skull Island and rescue the Doc.

Hey, what happened to Ivanka?

She's gone, too.

I looked everywhere.

We'll find her, Didge, don't worry.

I know.

Here's the map to Skull Island.

And be careful!

Why don't you just dump him in the Black Hole, boss?

Yea, or slip him into the Forever Gone machine!

Not just yet!

I've rigged an experiment of my own to see

what magmalux can really do.


What was that?

Whatever it was, it wiped out that entire bridge!

Good one, boss!

Yeah, it's gonna be bye-bye Motherboard!

You're destined to fail, Hacker.

No matter how clever you think you are -

your system syntax will never allow you to triumph!

You don't really expect me to believe that, do you?

When you made me, you created perfection!

To prove it...

I'm going to keep you around long enough

to witness my triumph over Motherboard!

There's Doctor Marbles!

Ta-ta, Marbles!

I'm off to Mount Survarius to take all your precious magmalux!

Then I'm coming back for you!

Doctor Marbles!

It's us!

The earthlies!


I'll swim across and get you out!

Matt, wait!

I think I see something!

Whoa, electric cyber-eels!

Thanks, Jax!

I would've been toast!'s me, Inez!

We found Doctor Marbles!

That's good!

But the island's surrounded by electric cyber-eels

and we can't get to him!

That's bad.

One more thing.

Hacker's on his way to the volcano!

I'm almost there!

Doctor Marbles trapped on an island...the bridge

gone...electric eels in the water can we rescue him?

Cybersquad, we have a problem!