The Teal-Footed Triller shown in flight on a computer in Professor Bob de Bob Bobson's office.

The Teal-Footed Triller is a bird species first mentioned in the episode "The Migration Situation".


The bird has a medium-sized body with light blue features and a striped beak that starts with the lightest orange and ends with dark orange when it curves at the tip. They have thin teal legs and 3 toes.

The Teal-Footed Thriller's song and dance. They fly in choreographed shapes and patterns.

Special Abilities

During their dance, they separate and fly in small circles.

  • Every 5 years, they flock to the Hidden Cliffs and perform a choreographed dance and song. Many cybercitizens come to spectate this phenomenon in the event known as the Migration Celebration.
  • One of the great mysteries of Cyberspace is when they know the exact moment in time to arrive when the sun's rays shining through the tower at Hidden Cliffs.
  • The triller's song is the key to opening Secrets of Cyberspace, a book that contains many secrets of Cyberspace. In the episode, "The Migration Situation", Hacker stole the trillers so that he could open the book, read its secrets and knowledge, and use that information to take over Cyberspace. Luckily, the Cybersquad was able to interfere with his scheme.


They only eat purple berries.


They live far away from Cyber civilization and they despise cold weather. Every 5 years, they flock to the Hidden Cliffs



Niche in the Ecosystem


Additional Information

  • They are the rarest, most exotic bird in all of Cyberspace.
  • What makes them rare is that they stay far away from Cyber-civilization except for once every 5 years when they flock to the Hidden Cliffs and perform a song and dance in the sky.
  • According to Digit Leboid, the Teal-Footed Trillers' song and dance is "the most spectacular song and dance and the sky you'll ever see!".

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