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[citation needed]


This template is used to ask for a reliable source for a claim, for accuracy or thoroughness.

If you see this template and know where the information comes from, replace it with a source:

  • If the information comes from an episode, link to the episode's article. Most episodes are on Cyberchase Online, so an episode name should be enough for other contributors to fact-check.
  • If the information comes from another piece of media, you can still link to that work's article. However, consider making sure its article is also well-documented, because fact-checking can be harder than for episodes.
  • Otherwise, add a citation. Link to the source if it's online. Consider adding any available title, author, publisher or domain name, and date published. For help on how to add citations, see Help:Cite.

To use this template:

  • Copy the following wikitext.
  • Edit the article in source mode.
  • Paste the wikitext right after the claim that needs a source.