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101 "Lost My Marbles" January 21, 2002 Map reading


This template is a row for a table of episodes.

It takes the name of an episode's article, and uses DPL to check several parameters in that article's instance of the Template:Episode infobox.

The infobox's {{{season}}} and {{{episode}}} parameters are formatted into a production code by default. If its {{{episode2}}} parameter (used for multi-part specials) is set, this template spans two rows, and the second row contains a second production code.

This template formats the infobox's {{{airdate}}} and {{{topic}}} parameters much like the infobox itself does.

Finally, using string functions, this template removes a trailing parenthetical such as (episode) from the link title.

To use this template, set parameter {{{1}}} to the exact name of an episode's article. For example:

{{List episode|Lost My Marbles}}
{{List episode|Castleblanca (episode)}}

For a table of episodes in a specific season, the production code(s) should be replaced by the episode number(s) within the season. To use this behavior, set the {{{season}}} parameter to no:

{{List episode|Lost My Marbles|season=no}}