"The Cyberchase Movie"
Cyberchase episode
Season 9, episodes 4–5
81Bgu-EeXyL. RI .jpg
Original air date
April 15, 2014
Directed by
J. Meeka Stuart
Written by
Adam Rudman
George Arthur Bloom
"Trash Creep"

"The Cyberchase Movie" is split into two episodes for Season 9.




Hacker and his bumbling henchbots are drilling inside the nature preserve Ecotopia in search of the Emergency Reset Button, which will allow Hacker to reformat all of Cyberspace…putting him in charge of everyone and everything forever! He accidentally triggers a slime geyser, which destroys many animals' habitats. The CyberSquad teams up with Ollie (guest star Rico Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, to save the animals and quickly discovers that destroyed habitats aren't their only problem. Can the kids restore Ecotopia and prevent Cyberspace from being lost to Hacker forever?



  • This is the second time Inez takes off her glasses, following "The Guilty Party".
  • This is the last episode to use both the original theme song and funding scene.
  • This is the second cyberchase special first was "The Snelfu Snafu"
  • This is the last episode animated in standard-definition.
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