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  • Matt
  • Jackie
  • Inez
  • Digit
  • Hacker
  • Buzz
  • Delete
  • Emperor Penguia
  • Emperors Servants
  • Furgie
  • Fluff
  • Rusty (cameo)
  • Fluffs deer
  • Stormy Gale


  • Motherboard Control Central
  • Penguia (site setting)
    • Fluff's house
    • Furgie's Igloo
    • Ice Palace


(Fluff's house is shown)

Fluff: Motherboard! It's Fluff! Big problems in Penguia! Real big!

Motherboard: I'm here Fluff! What is it?

Fluff: Hacker's back! He's turned our Emperor into an ice statue (picture changes to Emperor in Frigid Fields), and left the Frigid Fields! (Scene changes to scared penguins) Hacker said, if anyone goes against him, he'll freeze them too. (scene changes to Hacker at the Ice Palace) And worst of all, Hacker's declared himself our new emperor.

Hacker: Yes!

(Scene changes back to Fluff contacting Motherboard)

Fluff: Send the Cybersquad! Hurry!

Motherboard: Will do Fluff!

(Setting changes to Control central with Digit having a robe, a stuffy nose and a tissue, showing that he is sick.)

Digit: Ah-ah-AAAAAH....CHOOOO!

Motherboard: Cybersquad! Portal to Penguia, thaw out the Emperor!

Digit: Ah-ah-AAAAH..CHOOO!

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