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"The Great Cyber-Skate" is the first Comic Book comic, by Ron Barrett.




Hacker is gloating in his own museum, and determines that it's missing a pedestal for his statue. He decides to enter a skateboarding contest for its pedestal-shaped trophy, despite entries being closed and his lack of skateboarding skill, as Buzz points out. Hacker builds a makeshift skateboard out of an ironing board and toy bunnies from the museum's exhibits.

On Radopolis, the CyberSquad is helping Slider build his skateboarding course. Inez and Jackie are vying for his attention, and Matt, who wants to finish construction, feels ignored. Slider leaves to enter the contest.

Hacker flips another contestant's watch upside down to trick him into thinking he's six hours early. After taking his number and place, Hacker tells Buzz and Delete to cut a hole in the course once he finishes.

The CyberSquad is shocked to see Hacker participating in the contest. He careens through the course, and Buzz and Delete cut a rectangular hole in his wake. Digit alerts the Earth kids, who use a shoelace and their carpenter's square to cut a fitting plank out of a broken skateboard. Digit nails the plank into place just in time for Slider to cross.

Meanwhile, Hacker's ironing board springs open as he enters the loop, crushing him against the apex and allowing Slider to pass. Though Slider is awarded the trophy, Buzz and Delete use the ironing board as a pedestal for the statue, to Hacker's delight.