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♪♪ ♪♪

>> This way. ♪♪

>> Ugh! Ow.

>> Push! [ Both grunting ] ♪♪

>> [ Grunts ] Ugh!

>> Ah!

>> Ugh!

>> [ Grunts ] [ Both laugh ]

>> Oh! Hey! ♪♪

>> Getting closer. [ All scream ]

>> [ Grunts ]

>> It should be right... there! Ha ha ha! I found it! [ Laughs ]

>> What is it?

>> I have no idea.

>> I've been waiting for this moment my entire villainous life. This is the most powerful book in all of Cyberspace.

>> You brought us all the way down here for a book?

>> Not justanybook. It contains the secrets of Cyberspace.

>> Well, that's important, I guess.

>> Very important! Once I learn the secrets, I'll take over Cyberspace forever. [ Laughs evilly ] [ Clears throat ] Huh? [ Grunts ] It's stuck. It won't open! I command you! Open! [ Click! ] What? "A book of such secrecy cannot be accessed so easily." Ha. "To open it, you need..."

>> Yes! We're finally all here together at the Migration Celebration!

>> Thanks for bringing us, Didge. I can't wait to see the Teal-Footed Trillers!

>> Me either! I've never seen a rare bird before!

>> The Teal-Footed Triller is not just any rare bird, Inez. It's the rarest, most exotic bird in all of Cyberspace!

>> What makes them so rare?

>> They stay far away from Cyber civilization except for once every five years when they flock here to the Hidden Cliffs and perform the most spectacular song and dance in the sky you'll ever see.

>> Well, I am ready. I've got my camera.

>> I've got my binoculars.

>> And I've got a bunch of Triller fun facts. Who's ready?

>> Bring 'em on!

>> Did you know Trillers only eat purple berries? And they hate cold weather. And they always travel in pairs.

>> But how many toes do they have on each foot?

>> That's an easy one, Professor. Three!

>> Good to see you, Digit. Hello, I'm Professor Bob de Bob Bobson.

>> I learned everything I know from the Professor! He's the leading Triller expert and host of this celebration.

>> Which reminds me -- it's Triller time! ♪♪ Welcome, everyone, to the Migration Celebration. [ Cheering ] In just a few moments, the sun's rays will shine through that very tower, a sign the Trillers are about to arrive. [ All "Ooh" ]

>> How they know the exact moment in time is one of the great mysteries of Cyberspace!

>> Got to love a good mystery.

>> Trust me, this is gonna be spectacular!

>> [ Gasps ] Look!

>> It's time! The Trillers should be here any moment! [ All "Ooh" ] ♪♪

>> I don't see anything.

>> Wait for it. Any second now.

>> Professor?

>> This is...odd.

>> Where are the Trillers?

>> I don't know. This has never happened before. [ All murmuring ]

>> No worries, folks. They'll show up any moment now! [ Chuckles ] I hope. ♪♪

>> Nothing up there. Not a Triller in sight!

>> I-I don't understand. The Trillers have always arrived. Always!

>> Well, there must be some explanation.

>> I-I-I don't have one. What will I tell my Triller followers? They're watching from all over Cyberspace waiting to see them! Hmm.

>> Where are you going, Professor?

>> I'm afraid I must announce that the Migration Celebration is cancelled.

>> You can't cancel it!

>> I have no choice, Digit. No Teal-Footed Trillers, no Celebration.

>> Oh, no!

>> What?!

>> Well, I'm not giving up! I'll be back.

>> Wait! Where are you going?!

>> Uh, let's go check on the Professor.

>> My dear Triller fans, in an upsetting turn of events, the Teal-Footed Trillers appear to be...missing. So it is with great regret that I must cancel the Migration Celebration. I'm so very sorry. [ Computer beeps ] I need some fresh air.

>> Wow. He's really worried. [ Ringtone plays ]

>> Should we answer?

>> I don't know. It's the Professor's phone.

>> But it could be important. Professor Bobson's, uh...lab. [ Chuckles ] Or tent office? Can I help you?

>> Hi. This is Milo from Sensible Flats. I just saw the Professor's post about the missing Trillers! Well, I just saw one in my backyard!

>> You did?! [ Gasps ] That's amazing! Okay, hang on one sec. [ Cellphone ringing ]

>> I guess I'd better get that. Slider?

>> Jackie? Hey! Didn't expect to be talking to you. So, check this out. There's a Triller right here on Radopolis.

>> Tell me everything.

>> Whoa, look at all these comments coming in. I can log them.

>> Okay, so you're calling from where?

>> Can you repeat that please?

>> Six more Triller sightings? No way!

>> A big nothing out there. Not one Triller in -- Hey. What's going on in here?

>> Triller sightings, Didge. Everywhere!

>> What?! Does the Professor know?

>> We've been so busy we haven't had a chance to tell him. ♪♪

>> Professor! We found the Trillers!

>> What?

>> I can barely make sense of these notes.

>> I can't even find some of mine.

>> Oh, here's one!

>> There's another one.

>> Huh? Where?

>> [ Laughs ]

>> Ugh. This is not a good look.

>> Is it true? Have there really been Triller sightings?

>> About 100 sticky notes of them.

>> Incredible! Great work, kids! But this data doesn't tell us whythey didn't show up. We need more information.

>> How do we get it? The Trillers are spread all over Cyberspace.

>> [ Gasps ] From citizen scientists!

>> Huh? Citizen scientists?

>> Ordinary citizens who gather specific information to help solve a scientific problem.

>> Like why the Trillers didn't show up?

>> Exactly!

>> Hundreds of scientist helpers. I love it! Data galore. [ Both laugh ]

>> Let's get to work! All right, kids. Take a look at the Triller observation form.

>> Oh, can I -- Hey! Make room for the Didge!

>> We'll send this form to all our citizen scientists. When they see a Triller, they'll answer these three questions.

>> What questions? Let me see.

>> "Where is the Triller?"

>> "Is it alone or with others?"

>> "Is it eating? If so, what?"

>> Once we get the forms back, we should have enough information to figure out what's going on.

>> Cool. When can you send it out?

>> Right now. [ Computer beeps ] Posted! ♪♪