Tracy is the deuteragonist of the For Real segment "Bianca's Corny Act." She is a child Bianca babysits, and whom she helps make popcorn balls for her school picnic.

Unfortunately, things go awry when the recipe calls for 18 cups of popcorn, and it turns out for every cup of popcorn that has not been popped, it makes 10 cups of what has been, as when they attempt 18 cups of unpopped popcorn, it makes 180. Tracy gets buried, and when told to get more marshmallows and popcorn, she reveals they are out, and Bianca has trouble finding her pocketbook.

After 40 of the popcorn balls are made, Tracy leaves her to do the other 360 by herself, telling her there's more of her favorite treat to make, but Bianca decides she doesn't like popcorn anymore.

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