The Transformatron is a machine that was devised by Hacker and Coop. Its main purpose is to transform the person inside the chamber into anything he or she desires. When Coop figured out Hacker was going to use it for his evil purpose, he tore up the blueprint. The Transformatron is in need of two important elements: a power source and the Network Interfacing Card.

Power Sources

In order to power up the Transfformatron, Hacker stole the Electric Eel of Aquari-yum from Icky's secret hideaway. To transfer the power of the eel to the machine, the Pedestal of Penguia that was a holder for the Prisim of Penguia was obtained.

Hacker later used a giant hamborg as the Transformatron's power source. Once the hamborg begins running on its wheel, the machine powers up

Networking Inrterface Card

The NIC is the main disk that activates the main computer of the Transformatron. Coop hid the card inside a picture frame, which was later found by Slider and the Cybersquad. The NIC soon fell into the hands of Hacker and he used it to activate the Transformatron. Once the NIC was taken out, all the transformed objects returned to its regular state. The Networking Interface Card was kept at Motherboard's Command Central. Digit was given an order to take the card to the Forever-Gone Machine. But the card was stolen by Hacker's minion, Scratch. After retrieving it, the Cybersquad placed the NIC into the Forever-Gone Machine. The NIC is completely no more.

Transformed Objects

Original Object Transformed Object
Buzz a giant walking donut and a chicken
Delete a big bunny
Hacker a super-cyborg and an inflatable version of himself
rocks donuts
a donut a bunny for Delete
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