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"Unhappily Ever After"
today Original air date
February 19, 2008
person Directed by
Brandon Lloyd
person Written by
Jon Greenberg
George Arthur Bloom
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"Unhappily Ever After" is the third episode of Season 6 of Cyberchase.


Hacker, longing again for Wicked, devises a deliciously dreadful plan to impress her: He sneaks into Happily-Ever-Afterville, uncovers the Book of Unhappy Endings, releases them across the site and crowns himself king! Wicked, duly impressed, becomes his Queen and together they delight as unhappy endings unfold.  To rescue the site, the CyberSquad must get the Book back from Hacker to recapture the unhappy endings, and seal it inside 3 nesting boxes with precisely fitting lids … all before sundown! Of course, Hacker has destroyed the lids, but the kids enlist the carpentry skills of one of the Three Little Pigs. Can the team figure out how to cut new lids in time – or will this tale end Unhappily Ever After?


  • This is the first episode to air in 2008.
  • The Town Crier reveals that the king has a Fairy Borg Father.


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