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Units of measurement are standardized magnitudes of quantities.

Conjecture on naming convention

In Cyberspace, most units of measurement use the names of real units with the prefix "cyber" added. This may be justified in that Cyberspace is scaled differently relative to the real world. Time that passes in Cyberspace can be negligible compared to the time elapsed in the real world[1], so a Cybersecond in Cyberspace could be chosen to feel equal to a second in the real world, while truly being a fraction of the time.

However, while this could be the case for other types of units, there are also instances of real-world units being used in Cyberspace[2] and appearing to be scaled the same relative to Earth natives[3].

List of units of measurement

Name Symbol Unit of Appearances
Cybercentury Time "Totally Rad"
Cybercup c[4] Volume "Measure for Measure"
Cyberdegree Temperature "Gone With the Fog"
"A Murky Mystery In Mermaidos"
Cybergram Weight[note 1] "The Case of the Missing Memory"
Cyberinch Length "The Case of the Missing Memory"
"Crystal Clear"
Cyberfoot ft[5][6] Length "A Broom of One's Own"
"Step by Step"
"The Deedle Beast"
"Going Solar"
"A Seedy Business"
"A Garden Grows in Botlyn"
"Water Woes"
Cybermeter Length "On the Line"
"Spheres of Fears"
Cybermile Length "The Creech Who Would Be Crowned"
"A Change of Art"
"A Camping Conundrum"
"Journey of a Thousand Food Miles"
Cybersecond Time "Team Spirit"
Cyberunit Length "The Borg of the Ring"
CyberWatt CW[7] Power "A Change of Art"
"Watts of Halloween Trouble"
Cyberyear Time "Blowin' in the Wind"
Foot Length "How It All Started: Webisode 2"
"A Seedy Business"
Glow Power "Find Those Gleamers!"
Meter Length "A Whale of a Tale"
Volt Voltage Buzz & Delete Save the Day
Year Time "A Renewable Hope"
  1. The real-life gram is a unit of mass, not weight.