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Mid-Season 12 episode reviews

For those not aware, four new Cyberchase episodes premiered today: "Missing Bats in Sensible Flats", "Water Woes", "Soil Turmoil", and "Hacker Hugs a Tree".

Since I watched them, I figured I would try to stoke discussion by giving my thoughts on each episode. I'd appreciate hearing your opinions in the comments.

Spoilers below.

  • 1 "Missing Bats in Sensible Flats"
  • 2 "Water Woes"
  • 3 "Soil Turmoil"
  • 4 "Hacker Hugs a Tree"

I thought this episode was a solid start.

Brigit is an interesting character. The flight scene illustrated her similarities to Digit, but she's also distinct enough to hold a unique intrigue. The sole piece she's missing is an origin story.

As with Harmony in "Giving Thanks Day", there's no explanation for Brigit's existence. Since when does …

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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 18 March

Adoption request discussion

I've been considering adopting this wiki, and I'm currently seeking community support. I believe Cyberchase Wiki needs active moderation, and I'm willing to volunteer.

Here's what I plan to do if I'm promoted:

  • I'll work towards clearing the wiki's administrative and organizational backlogs, such as candidates for deletion and uncategorized pages.
  • I'll be able to better protect against bad-faith editing. (I'll continue to check in with most editors on their message walls—I'll only warn or block in exceptional cases.)
  • I'll improve the wiki's theme. Navy on gray doesn't exactly scream "Cyberchase". I have experience with customizing wikis' styles, so you can expect something pleasant-looking.
  • I'll continue to contribute to articles to make them mo…
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