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The virus is a computer virus that Hacker uses in "Lost My Marbles" to try to dispose of Motherboard. It invades her circuits, and she suffers partial damage. Curing Motherboard of the virus is one of the CyberSquad's primary goals throughout Cyberchase.

Dr. Marbles seems to have access to this virus as of "Step By Step", where it was stored on a memory chip. He had infected a duplicate of Motherboard's circuit board to experiment with using Magmalux to neutralize the virus.

In "Face-Off", Barton J. Moneyborg says that Hacker has spent 4,000 Snelfus on computer viruses, which may include this virus.

Physical appearance and behavior

The physical form of the virus is a swarm of large, textured, glowing golden yellow-green particles that are fired at the press of a button in the Grim Wreaker. In the original version of the title sequence, the particles of the virus appear to materialize out of nothing.

In the title sequence, the CyberSquad uses a cyberpod to reflect the virus towards the Grim Wreaker. The shattering effect on Hacker and his henchmen's startled reactions may imply that this harms the Wreaker.


The virus has had various negative effects on Motherboard. Her speech is often interrupted by bursts of static and other malfunctions. Inez suspects that the virus is also what causes Motherboard to talk in riddles[1].

Motherboard depletes her cryoxide supply faster due to the virus[2].

The virus can even weaken Motherboard to the point that she enters sleep mode[3].

While using the early model of the Encryptor Chip in "Fit To Be Heroes", Motherboard says that her hard drive is functioning at full speed, and that she can see Cyberspace as she once did. This implies that the virus affects these functionalities as well.

When the virus corrupted Motherboard's operating system, it also destroyed the safety lock of The Emergency Reset Button.


The Encryptor Chip was said to be able to cure Motherboard, but it was sacrificed to restore her in "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2".

Hacker has an antivirus code. He once gave the CyberSquad a small portion of this antidote, which he later privately revealed would wear off.[3]

The Electro-Root may be able to cure the virus[4], but only one-fifth remains as of "Harriet Hippo & the Mean Green", as the rest was used to cure the spell of the Mean Green.

In "True Colors", Hacker claimed that the virus could be cured with a triangle lock mechanism, but this was proven to be a lie.

After the Encryptor Chip's destruction, Dr. Marbles experimented with Magmalux, which was able to cure a duplicate of Motherboard's circuit board of the virus[5].

Motherboard also thought the Bluebird of Zappiness was able to restore her memory after she was infected with the virus[6].