Warren Plotnick[1] is a wayward genie with the ambition to rule Cyberspace. He lives in a bottle in Nowhere but shows up in other cybersites. His mother is a lunch lady from Nowhere who grounded him for twenty years after his last evil rampage. He appears tough and intimidating when alone, but when his mother shows up, he's rather wimpy and overly-obedient. He also used to be Hacker's idol, but after their first encounter, they're never happy to see each other throughout the series. King Stoked from Radopolis captured him in the past and was awarded a magic ring[2].

Character bio

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

A wayward genie who can be a very big brat. His mom is the lunch lady. He actually likes to eat Cosmic Crumpets (he thinks they taste good!!) and hoards SkateBot Jet Packs.



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