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>> Okay, Mabel. Got to finish decorating the table and then -- Whoa! No! [ Plop! Plop! Plop! ] [ Laughs ] I meant to do that.

>> Ba-gock!

>> Oh man! So much to do, and not a lot of time before the Halloween party starts. [ Gasps ] Gotta get the apples!

>> Bock, bock, bock, ba-gock!

>> Welcome to Halloween Haunt-O-Rama, where the one and only Pumpkin Patty will parade the midway with her tasty treats from all over cyberspace! Happy Halloween, everyone!

>> Look lively, my robotic roommates, for I have finally figured out how to stop those Earth brats from ever meddling with me again! [ Laughing] Ah, yes!

>> Zonk!

>> It's my most perfect plan of all time, ever. Listen closely. Those Earth brats come here every Halloween, correct?

>> That's right boss.

>> Always.

>> So, when you see their portal appear above you, just activate the giant red button.

>> Right!

>> Red button.

>> Yaugh! This button! The only giant red button here!

>> Oh, sure, boss.

>> No problem, boss.

>> When you do, Motherboard's entire portal system will crash! And those kids will never be able to set foot in cyberspace again! Oooh, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

>> Uh... Just one question. Do we push or pull the red button?

>> See portal. Push button.

>> Uh, right, boss!

>> Got it!

>> And now it's time to let my hair down and celebrate my favorite holiday.

>> But boss, you don't have any hair. Just a wig. [ Splash! ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]

>> Both: Happy Halloween!

>> You too, guys!

>> Where's your Musketeer costume for the Haunt-O-Rama?

>> You guys better go without me. I thought I'd have time, but my whole family is coming over for our party soon. And get this -- My Grammy is coming! I haven't seen her in a really long time.

>> Oh, come on Matt. You'll be back in plenty of time for your party.

>> I'm not sure that I --

>> Matt, we always go to R-Fair City on Halloween. All for one and one for all! [ Giggles ]

>> Right. And we can't go as two Musketeers. It doesn't even sound good.

>> [ Laughs ] Yeah. It does sound pretty bad. Okay, I'm in.

>> I'm gonna push it!

>> No, me!

>> I told you the first time! [ Grunting ]

>> Excuse me? Assistant Park Manager Jules here. May I ask what's going on?

>> Oh, uh, you see...

>> Eh, what my friend is trying to say is, uh...

>> Yes?

>> Um...

>> Uh, well... This button is like -- It's, uh, part of our costumes.

>> Yeah, right! We are, uh... official button pushers.

>> Very creative. The button sells it. I believe you're our very first button pushers. [ Flap! ] Have a happy Halloween!

>> Hehehe!

>> Oh, and get ready for Pumpkin Patty and her Halloween bag of cyber treats. She'll be here very soon!

>> I was hopin' Pumpkin Patty would be here!

>> Me too! [ Both grunting, arguing ] [ Portal whooshes ]

>> [ Laughing ]

>> Whoa!

>> Together: Whoa-oh! [ Both struggling ]

>> The portal!

>> Quick, push! [ Button clicks, machine whirs ] [ Energy crackling ] Neat! Good job Mr. DeeDee!

>> And congratulations to you, Mr. Buzzy. We'll never see those kids again.

>> Halloween Haunt-O-Rama looks totally awesome this year!

>> Huh?! The kids got in?! Ahhh!

>> The boss isn't gonna be happy about this.

>> Not if he doesn't find out!

>> At last, my fellow Musketeers have arrived!

>> Hey, Didge. Cool costume.

>> All for one and one for all!

>> Together: Yeah!

>> Ready for some Halloween Haunt-O-Rama fun! [ Portal warbling ] Huh?

>> Hey, what's up with the portal?

>> Something's not right. It should be gone by now.

>> Fear not! The fourth Musketeer will investigate! [ Portal warbling ]

>> [ Thump! ] Unh! Eh! Hyugh! Ah... Waaaaah! [ All gasp ] Yoinks! [ Nasally ] I think the portal's broken. [ Creak! ]

>> Broken?!

>> What?!

>> Hi, boss!

>> [ Giggles ]

>> Don't bother me. It's my turn. Hold this. [ Bloop! ] Heheheheee! [ Whoosh! Plop! ]

>> Oooh!

>> Uh, Boss? Um...

>> Boss, your, um...

>> Um...

>> Your, um -- the, um... [ Bubbling ]

>> Pbht! [ Squish! Squish! Thwap! ]

>> No problem. [ Humming ] [ Pat! Pat! ] Mm-hmm.

>> I like when the boss is happy and nice.

>> Me too. But shouldn't we tell him about the kids?

>> Nah. We'll tell him later. Boss! Wait up! Let's check out the haunted house!

>> Any luck getting through to Motherboard? [ Device beeping ]

>> Not yet.

>> Hey, guys! I heard you were coming. Heh... Nice costumes!

>> Jules! Hey! [ Giggles ] You work here now?

>> I do! I'm the Assistant Park Manager. I'm not really a vampire.

>> Well, listen, Jules old pal. We got a problem. The portal's frozen. [ Portal warbling ]

>> Oh, boy. That is not good. Hmm. [ Device beeping ] Rule 67.54B states that the portal system must always be working. This is definitely against the rules. [ Gasps ] No portal system means Pumpkin Patty won't be able to get here!

>> And we won't be able to get home!

>> And we can't reach Motherboard, either! [ Device rings ]

>> Come in Cybersquad! [ Static blares ] Portal mishap reported. [ Static blares ]

>> MotherB.! We're here! Can you get this portal working again? [ Static blares ]

>> Portal system has crashed. Cannot activate.

>> Can you send us another portal?

>> Not po-- [Static blares] ...ble One portal down. All portals dow-- [ Static blares ]

>> Oh, isn't there anything you can do?

>> Only Portal Rebooter has the power to... reboot...system. Lost...

>> Motherboard? [ Sighs ] We lost her.

>> Where are we gonna find a Portal Rebooter?

>> I might just have one! [ Rattling ] Uh... Here's a boot, a zoot suit, a lute... Ah, yes! The Portal Rebooter.

>> That is old! How does it work?

>> If I remember correctly, it's easy. Just plug it in and... Where can I plug it in?

>> You can plug it in here.

>> Don't mind if I do. [ Click! ] [ Whirs, buzzes ] [ Electricity dies ] [ Patrons exclaiming ] [ Rides power down ] [ All gasp ]

>> Matt, Jackie, look. It says here the Rebooter uses 60 CyberWatts to power up.

>> Just 60 CyberWatts? Think about it, Jules. That's all we need.

>> Hmm... 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 CyberWatts.

>> [ Gasps ] Enough to power the Rebooter!

>> Which would leave 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 CyberWatts to power the entire park. But that's half the energy we're using now!

>> So?

>> Like I said. I can't reboot the portal and run the park. There just aren't enough CyberWatts to do both.

>> Guess this old Rebooter isn't so energy efficient.

>> Hmm. Let me think. Make way. Hmm. It'd be a lot easier to think without that spotlight hitting me in the face.

>> Jax! That's it!

>> What?

>> That spotlight. It doesn't have to be on right now, does it, Jules?

>> Let me check the rules to be certain. [ Device beeping ]

>> It is daytime. It's not really doing anything.

>> Rule 18F, spotlights do not need to be on during the day.

>> Cool! If we turn it off, we can save some energy.

>> Let's see if we can find some other things that are on right now that don't really need to be on and turn them off.

>> Do you think we could turn off enough stuff to save the 60 CyberWatts we need for the Rebooter?

>> I'm on it! Let's start with these big things.

>> How much energy did we just save?

>> We saved... 10 CyberWatts. Which means we need to save 50 more CyberWatts to reach 60.

>> Where else can we save energy? Move out, team!

>> From the looks of the competition, we have this one in the bag. [ Both laughing ]

>> Huh?!

>> [ Gasps ] The kids!

>> Aaaaah! [ Sputtering ] [ Slip! ]

>> Whew! Wouldn't want to drop this.

>> So sorry, boss.

>> Don't know how that happened.

>> No need to apologize. Could've happened to anyone.

>> We got to do something about those kids.

>> What about that thing Digit was carrying?

>> Yeah. Sounded important. Let's grab it. ♪♪ ♪♪

>> Good news! We've now saved 50 CyberWatts!

>> That's great, but we need to save 60. We still have to find 10 more CyberWatts to save.

>> We've powered down all the things that don't need to be on right now. There's nothing left to turn off.

>> What if we never get back home?

>> You know, Matty, it's really nice here in Cyberspace.

>> Didge!

>> I'm just saying, it would be nice to have you guys here all the time.

>> Guys, we can do this! [ Gasps ] Aaah! Yikes! [ Laughter ]

>> Look. We've battled through situations like this before, and we always come through. We just need to save 10 more CyberWatts of energy. We can do it! No problem.

>> Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! We'll take this.

>> Thank you! Buh-bye. [ Patter! Patter! Patter! ]

>> Okay, now we have a problem.

>> Nowtheyhave a problem. Get 'em!

>> I'm right behind you!

>> Come on! Let's see if we can save the final 10 CyberWatts. [ Screech! ]

>> Watch out!

>> Move it!

>> Coming through! [ Snickers ]

>> [ Giggling ] [ Both giggling evilly ]

>> Yeah, we showed them. Smooth sailing from here. Hey!

>> Got it!

>> Yeah! [ Laughs ]

>> This way. It's a shortcut! ♪♪ [ Buzz and Delete panting ] [ Buzz and Delete giggling ]

>> Ah! Ah! [ Evil cackling, thud ]

>> Unh!

>> What?! Ugh! [ Evil laughter ]

>> Oh no! [ Buzz laughing ] [ Sproing! ]

>> Got it! Ha, ha!

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, perfect. Ohh, look at that. [ Chuckles ]

>> Hehehehe!

>> Hey!

>> Got it! Ha, ha! [ Crash! ] [ Screech! ]

>> Yeah! [ Tap! Tap! ]

>> Hi, there.

>> Huh?

>> Bye, there!

>> Hey! [ Portal warbling ]

>> That's the whole park.

>> There's no more energy left to save.

>> Everything that's on needs to be on.

>> My first Halloween Haunt-O-Rama on the job, and the first Haunt-O-Rama without Pumpkin Patty! I might as well go pack up my suitcase now.

>> Jules, there's no giving up on Halloween!

>> Ha! We lost them.

>> Of course we did. We're the best!

>> [ Accent ] And it looks like you have great fortune and luck ahead of you now.

>> We do?

>> Come! Have your fortune told.

>> I've always wanted to have my fortune told, Buzzy.

>> Me too, DeeDee. Make way! [ Both giggling ]

>> Look closely at my crystal ball and all will be told.

>> [ Gasps ] Are there bunnies named George in my future? Lots of bunnies? Like a million bunnies named George?!

>> What about doughnuts?

>> Oh, yes! The future holds for you...

>> Yes?

>> What?

>> What?

>> [ Laughs ]

>> Hacker's angry face! [ Buzz gasps ]

>> [ Laughs ]

>> What?

>> Get him!

>> Aaah!

>> Oooh! [ Laughter in distance ]

>> Did I just see Earth brats?

>> see, boss --

>> I thought you shut the portal system down! [ Grumbling angrily ]

>> Wow. The fortune teller was right.

>> I know. That is one angry face.

>> Get off me, you dunce buckets!

>> Jules, don't be so sad.

>> [ Sighs ]

>> We'll save Halloween and get the portal system fixed. Right, Jax? [ Appliances humming ]

>> Jules! Look at all the energy you're using.

>> I live here. I need all these things.

>> I hate to say this Jules, but you are a vampire.

>> I am?

>> Anenergyvampire! Look at all the energy you're sucking up! You have your TV on, and your stereo, and this fan is blasting. You haven't even been in here.

>> I never even thought about it.

>> Even things that are fully charged, like your computer, or not even being used, like your toaster, are still using energy when they're plugged in.

>> If we shut off or unplug some of this stuff, we just might save enough energy to power the Rebooter and keep the park going.

>> I can't believe I've been wasting so much energy!

>> We need to save 10 more CyberWatts. Let's find them. ♪♪ [ Device blips ] [ Clicking, rattling ] [ Clicking, rattling stops ] ♪♪ [ Device blips ] [ Fan whirring ] [ Whirring stops ]

>> That's everything. We turned off or unplugged all the things that don't need to be on right now.

>> Now, how much energy did we save? [ Device blips ]

>> 10 more CyberWatts! 60 total. We did it! If Matt and Inez got the Rebooter back, we're in business.

>> There they are! Jackie! Didge!

>> We got it!

>> And we saved the final 10 CyberWatts!

>> Let's plug in the Rebooter.

>> Give us the word, Jules.

>> We have 60 CyberWatts of energy available. We are good to go.

>> Matty, you have the honors.

>> All for one and one for all.

>> Together: All for one and one for all! [ Rebooter beeps, whirs ] [ Electricity crackles ] [ Portal Warbling ]

>> It's working!

>> And R-Fair City is still working! I should've been running this place with less energy all along.

>> It's working! [ All cheering ]

>> Yes, yes, yes! We did it! Aaaah!

>> I don't think so!

>> Together: What?

>> You Earth brats aren't going anywhere! [ Evil laughter ]

>> Coming down! Aaaah!

>> Pumpkin Patty!

>> Huh?!

>> Sorry I'm late! The portal system was on the fritz.

>> Better late than never!

>> I'm so happy you made it!

>> Happy Halloween, everyone! [ All cheering ]

>> Get me outta here! [ Groaning ]

>> [ Laughing ] [ Device chimes ]

>> It's from my bosses. They saw how much energy and money I saved, so they just promoted me to Senior Park Manager! Ha, ha! [ All cheer ]

>> All right!

>> Ba-gock! Bock, bock, bock! [ Cow moos, Mabel clucking ]

>> Mwah!

>> It's so great to meet you, Grammy.

>> Happy Halloween! [ Laughs ] Whoa! Oh! [ Gasps ] [ Splat! ]

>> Bock, bock-bock.

>> [ Laughs ] I -- I meant to do that.

>> Ba-gock! Ba-gock! [ Laughter ]

>> Stay right where you are. It's "Cyberchase For Real."

>> I'm so excited. It's Halloween, and I'm throwing a party! There's lots to do. ♪♪ You're a cactus! Great costume!

>> Thanks. I like yours, too.

>> Thanks! Come on in. ♪♪

>> Doesn't the party start at 6:00? Like in a half hour?

>> Yeah. I could really use your help. [ Light switch clicks ]

>> Bianca, this light is out.

>> That doesn't make any sense. I just changed the bulb. [ Light switch clicking ] Oh, no! The power is out. How are we supposed to have a party with no power? I have to cancel!

>> Hold on. Does this building have a portable generator?

>> Oh, yeah. You're a genius! There's one out back we can use.

>> This uses a solar panel. That means it uses energy from the sun to charge. But it only puts out 80 watts.

>> What's a watt again?

>> A watt is a unit of power. We can't power the whole house with just 80 watts.

>> We need to figure out what we can plug in for this party. The first thing I need to do is charge my phone, which is low on battery power.

>> We can use a chart online to see how much power different things use.

>> Oh, good news. A cell phone only needs five watts to recharge. 80 minus 5 is 75. We've got 75 watts left over.

>> Great. Other things use a lot more watts.

>> What about the fridge?

>> Sorry, 540 watts. That's more than the 75 available.

>> Yikes. What about the microwave? This party needs popcorn.

>> Sorry, 600 watts.

>> Wow.

>> And the microwave even uses power when you don't turn it on.

>> Huh?

>> You know about energy vampires?

>> Do they only come out on Halloween?

>> No, not only on Halloween. Energy vampires are electronics that suck up power and waste it when they're plugged in, even when they're not on.

>> So, if I unplug appliances when I'm not using them, I can save energy.

>> Yeah, and money.

>> Oh. Well, I like that idea. We don't need any of these for the party. From now on I'll only plug them in when I'm going to use them. I hope we have enough power to play music at the party.

>> You're in luck. A laptop only uses 50 watts. 75 minus 50 equals 25. That means we'd have 25 watts left.

>> Great. I'm just sorry people won't be able to see my decorations with no lights.

>> Hold on. I think I have an idea. I'll be right back. [ Glow stick cracks ] ♪♪

>> Bianca, great decorations!

>> Oh, Thank you! Jayden, you're the best! [ Balloons popping ]