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Zanko is Delete's fairy borg father. First appearing in the episode "The Fairy Borg Father", Zanko appears when Delete is having a bad day, and grants him nine wishes.

Zanko can fly with his wings and grant wishes using his magic ladle. He chews bubble gum, keeping a stash of it in his chest hatch.


When Delete wishes his day were better in "The Fairy Borg Father", a glowing pink ball approaches and Zanko appears from it. Zanko introduces himself and his magic ladle.

Delete wastes two of his nine allotted wishes, and Zanko encourages Delete to think about what would improve his bad day. Delete wishes for a bunny, and takes Zanko along to make more wishes for giant ice cream cones and bunny copters.

When Hacker finds Delete, who was supposed to be grounded, Delete introduces Zanko to him. Hacker is interested in Zanko's ability to grant wishes and grabs him. Delete grabs Zanko back and flees along a bridge above a chasm, where Hacker and Buzz corner them. Delete saves Zanko by making him turn everyone else in Cyberspace into bunnies.

Zanko reminds Delete that he will leave after the final three wishes. Not wanting Zanko to leave, Delete wishes Zanko could stay forever. Zanko's wings shrivel and he drops into the chasm, also letting go of his ladle in the process. He climbs up onto a ledge, but is stuck there as Delete can't reach him.

Once the CyberSquad arrives, Matt tries to use a giant bunny copter to save Zanko, but has to jump onto the same ledge, causing it to crack. He suggests Zanko use his bubble gum to repair the crack. However, a giant cherry (from the ice cream cones) rolls off the cliffside and knocks Zanko off of the ledge. Matt catches him, but the gum falls out of Zanko's mouth. Zanko remarks that he is also having a bad day.

Later, another cherry drops and its impact breaks off the cracked part of the ledge. Zanko and Matt end up hanging from the cables inside. Jackie rides an optimized giant bunny copter to bring the ladle down. As Zanko, Matt, and Jackie lose their grip, Delete wishes for them to be lifted back to safety. He also has Zanko turn everyone back into themselves.

Zanko and Delete thank each other, and Delete wonders whether they'll ever see each other again. Then, Hacker grabs Zanko again, but he explains that Hacker needs his own personal fairy borg father to grant his wishes.

Zanko's departure is not shown.

Physical appearance

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Wishes granted

  • "I wish I had more wishes!" Zanko calls this an illegal wish. It costs Delete one of his nine wishes.
  • "I wish I'd never made that wish!" It seems to have no effect. Right after it is granted, Delete realizes it used up another wish.
  • "I wish I had my very own bunny that I could hug, and keep, and call George!"
  • "I wish I had a bunch of ice cream cones—giant ones!" Zanko turns several nearby bushes into the giant ice cream cones.
  • "I wish Buzzy and me could ride these bunny copters for real!" Zanko grows the two bunny copters that Delete has on hand, so that the bottom lip is large enough to stand on.
  • "I wish everyone but me and you would turn into bunnies!" The wish affects everyone in Cyberspace, but not Inez, Jackie, and Matt. This implies that the magic only affects Cyberspace or the current universe.
  • "I wish you could stay with me forever!" It causes Zanko's wings to shrivel, making him unable to fly.
  • "I wish for Zanko, Jackie, and Matt to be lifted to safety!" Zanko creates a floating cargo net that does so.
  • "I wish everyone in Cyberspace would turn back into themselves!" In addition to turning back everyone who was turned into a bunny, this fixes Zanko's wings.




Though Zanko has to honor the rules of his job first, he makes an effort to mentor Delete. He stops Delete from wasting his wishes, and providing emotional support during Delete's bad day, judging him to be a "good friend".

Delete becomes clingy when Zanko says he'll eventually have to leave, but he seems more willing to let Zanko go by the end of the episode.

After nearly falling into a dangerous chasm due to Delete's wishes, Zanko expresses that he's having a worse day than Delete. However, he seems to understand Delete's good intentions. When Delete calls Zanko "the best fairy borg father ever", Zanko says "You're not so bad, yourself."



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