The Zusk S12E08 Zusk
Gender Male
Age Roughly 16-21
Species Cyborg
Residence Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allies None
Enemies CyberSquad
Favorite color Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Voice actor Bobby Knauff


He made a video documenting 5 of Hacker's fails shortly before his debut. His previous history is unknown.

Physical Appearance

The Zusk has green skin like Hacker, dark navy messy hair, black eyes and glasses. He wears a yellow and red shirt that has a "Z" on it to symbolize his name, a gray and teal jacket. and blue jeans.


Zusk is rather rude and snobbish, but he is shown to be a bit insecure when things don't go his way. He views himself as better than other people. He is shown to be smarter than Hacker, but not smarter than the Cybersquad.

List of Zusk's Inventions

Origin Name



•It is stated by the characters that The Zusk will return in a later episode.


  • "That's The Zusk to you!"
  • "Just a momentary glitch."
  • Zusk: "I will still be the most powerful villain in all of Cyberspace. You and Hacker haven't heard the last from me. Zusk out!"
    • Digit: "I have a feeling he's right about that."


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